The New Business Idea You Already Know


When it comes to business idea inspiration, a lot of people are encouraged down well-worn routes such as drop shipping or starting a craft business. That’s because they are relatively easy entry, not requiring extra qualifications, and generally accessible to a large volume of people.

While general new business ideas are useful to some, for others, they’re not great. If you have prior experience in an industry – especially if you have qualifications – then you might not want to start a business away from that industry. You might just want the freedom to kick out on your own and experience the wonders of being your own boss.

In fact, it’s probably the preferable way to go about things. After all, you went through all the training and the cost of education – why turn your back on it?

What If… You’re Sick Of Your Existing Industry?

If you’re looking to start a business to escape your existing industry as it’s getting you down, then yes, the generic ideas are going to sound appealing. You can imagine your life, refashioned, turning you into someone new as you develop new skills and grow a business from scratch. It’s idyllic to imagine.

But think about why you no longer want to work in your existing industry. Have you grown tired of the job? Or just the way the job is done? A bad boss or a company that’s no fun to work for, with restrictive employment practices, can strip the passion out of anyone. Chances are, the passion that led you down that road is actually still there, lying dormant, under the stress of being an employee.

What If… You Don’t Think You Have The Other Skills?

Let’s say that you hold a law qualification and are tired of your existing firm. So you do as above and want to work in the legal field, but for yourself.

Then you realize what would go into setting up your own practice. You don’t know the ins and outs of accountancy, how to hire staff, or even the basics you’d need in terms of managing a client list. So wouldn’t it just be easier to turn to a no-skill entry business idea?

No – because you’re still going to have to learn a bunch of new skills whichever you choose. It’s a natural concern; a trained lawyer doesn’t understand business tax returns, a doctor doesn’t know how to handle clients, a graphic designer has never had to worry about hiring staff before. So what use is their existing industry when faced with those problems?

There are always ways and means of filling in the gaps. The lawyer can do a short accountancy course; the doctor can bring in the likes of Groove Medical, the graphic designer can use a recruitment agency.

Whatever way you do things, you’re still going to need to learn new skills. It’s a lot simpler to learn business support ideas than an entirely new craft.

What If… You’re Not Sure What To Do Within Your Industry?

If you’re a doctor and have grown tired of patient work, you can always look to start a company in research or development. That applies across the board: while you might have training for one thing, it doesn’t have to be specific. Think about all the steps that go into facilitating the way companies you have worked for are able to operate. Somewhere, there’s a link in the chain that’s just waiting for you to offer a new enterprise within.


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