No Loan? Don’t Moan – You Can Still Start a Business


It’s not as easy to get a business loan as some people make out. Here’s an essential read for those who are having difficulty getting that loan!

Considering the alternatives

Getting a big business loan from a bank is often seen as the best way to get capital for your business – often, it’s seen as the only way. But the fact is that there are plenty of others ways to get capital that you may not have considered.

There are the more famous and modern methods such a crowdfunding. Don’t rest all your hopes on the likes of Kickstarter, however – many budding entrepreneurs seem to assume that Kickstarter campaigns are always successful, but you should never underestimate how much you have to really impress the public with your idea. Alternatively, you could look into more long-term money-raising efforts like trading. You could develop your business idea further while allowing an investment to grow. Find out more at

Full steam ahead

Really, the best thing you can do if you have a business idea is to develop that business with what you’ve got. Do the best that you can with the resources to hand! If you just let a business idea stagnate until you’re able to get a loan, or money by other means, then you’re simply wasting time and potential.

See how far you can take your business without the large amount of capital for which you were initially planning. It will probably turn out to be far more realistic than you thought – in fact, there are business owners out there who ended up regretting getting an expensive loan once they realized how far they could have gotten without it! Read more about starting a business with little capital at

Research is your friend

Of course, there’s no point denying reality: starting a business without any capital isn’t really ideal. Everyone interested in starting a business should just go ahead and get started before they get the capital – but, eventually, the growth of any business is going to need some sort of cash injection.

A lack of a big business loan from a bank isn’t going to doom you – this is the important point to take away from this. But in order to get your head around the situation, you’re going to need to reassess how much you actually need. This is going to require further research – as will finding cheaper options for all of the business needs you originally envisioned.

Figuring out how much you need

Don’t start with the question “do I need a loan” or “how do I get a loan”. Answer the question “how much do I really need to start this business?”. Try to boil it down to the minimum you would need – work under the assumption that you won’t be able to get a loan. Be brutal!

A lot of people don’t take this line of thinking because the “common wisdom” is that you should always aim to borrow more than you actually need. Of course, if you can easily get a loan, this is sound advice. But if you’re not in such a comfortable position, you must be more strict. Read up on proper cost assessment at


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