Making Money Is About Managing Money-Makers


If your business relies on the careful cultivation of sales and winning clients more than anything, then that’s the part of it that will make you the most money. It’s not all that matters, but it’s a vital aspect of the business. To make sure it functions as it should, it’s all about the sales and marketing team. How do you get the best out of them?

Give them some power

You want your money-makers to be especially engaged in the business. A bit of creative thinking on their end and autonomy to do things their way can not only motivate them. It can give way to new ideas that you might not consider from a management position. Empowering them, allowing them a bigger say in the decision-making process and asking them for opinions on feedback can be crucial to engagement.

Keep communication concise

Barking orders and expecting your team to get it done isn’t going to achieve you the best results. Internal communications need to be varied to make sure people are getting fully informed but not interrupting their work, especially if they’re working hard on closing a lead or are deep in strategizing or implementing a marketing approach. Make sure you have methods of communication that are simple to use, simple to check, and simple to reply on like a chat app for the day-to-day. For big strategy and results meetings, have a face-to-face and get everyone to mark it on their diaries so they can ensure they don’t schedule anything that would clash with it.

Know your builders and your growers

It’s important to realize there are two distinct phases of every sale and that different members of the team will be better at one or the other. A member of the team might be great at first finding and engaging a lead. These are your builders. However, getting that lead requires a different set of skills, including the ability to tailor the offer to the individual and make use of some great interpersonal skills. These are your growers. Know them and make sure they work as a team to find the right time to hand a lead off from one and to the next.

Keep them at the top of their game

The methods and mindset behind sales and marketing are changing all the time. If you want your business to remain competitive, your team needs to stay competitive. Finding them room for development through things like a social selling training course is crucial. Giving the sales team networking opportunities to polish their skills in a less pressure filled environment is important, too. It also provides some mobility in their career that every employee should appreciate.

Incentivize and engage

You can’t expect the best results from your money-makers unless you are prepared to give them a slice of the pie. This is why most companies that use a sales team have them working on commission. A results-based reward scheme isn’t the only way to ensure workers are motivated. They need to enjoy the work and the company culture, too. But a bit of incentive certainly won’t hurt any and will help plenty.

In a business that is heavily driven by a sales and marketing team, members of said team might require a bit of special treatment. That’s not to say you should ignore the other teams. They’re the support that keeps things running smoothly out in the field, so don’t forget them.


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