The Rocky Road For New Entrepreneurs


The idea of becoming an entrepreneur is one of the greatest pulls going, but actually becoming an entrepreneur requires you to overcome a serious amount of challenges. Of course, each challenge you overcome grants you a huge reward, but that doesn’t take away from the fact they are tough challenges. Ask any serial entrepreneur and they will tell you every time they launch a new company they are faced with the same challenges over and over again.

But what if you are new to entrepreneurship? Well, you’ll find that there are some very unique challenges that you need to know about and prepare yourself for, challenges that you may well have overlooked.

Leaving Behind Your Security

As an employee, you are granted a certain amount of security, whether that be a fixed salary or employee rights. But you are going to have to be willing to let all of this go if you want to launch your own business and guide it to success. Quite simply, it will be too much to try and manage two different careers without it harming both. You may be excellent with time management and an avid follower of, but if you want to grow your business significantly then you are going to have to quit your current job. As such, it is so important you think your decision through very carefully, do your market research and go with your instincts.

Getting The Funds Together

Even the most successful and experienced serial entrepreneurs can struggle with getting funds together for their new venture, so you can imagine how hard it is going to be for you to attract investors. As such, you’ll need to fully understand what funding options are available to you and how you can exhaust them. You’re starting from scratch, so you’ll likely need to have some money saved up, some strategy in place and a real knack for networking.

You’ll Need A Team

So many entrepreneurs fail because they try and go it alone. The reason for this is no one possesses all the skills needed to launch a business. You may be great at some things, but you probably lack in others, which is why it is so important to build a team that compliments one another and your goals. But picking the right team can be a serious hurdle to overcome. It’s not just hard to find great candidates to fill certain roles, you also have to work out how you are going to pay them, where they will work from, what they will bring to the culture and add to the overall team. This is a tough ask, and the pressure is on time wise too.

Being An Ideas Person

The need to come up with new ideas, new visions, new innovations, all of that falls on your shoulders.  As explains, it is part of being the founder of a new venture. You’ll be looked up to, you’ll need to steer the ships, come up with new ideas for expansion and know how to solve issues that arise, and they always arise. On the stop, creative thinking is its challenge, but this becomes even harder when there is so much on the line.


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