How To Run A Recruitment Drive


If you are a recent startup and are now running a recruitment drive then congratulations are in order. Your business is clearly growing, meaning you have made it a success. Something to be proud of considering most fail in their first year. A recruitment drive isn’t an easy thing to manage, in fact it is quite tough, depending on the amount of people you are recruiting of course. You want them to be good, well vetted and committed to your business and the only way you are going to ensure this is by doing proper checks on everyone you have considered and ensuring the interview process satisfies all the questions you want answers to.

Get a Plan Together

First you need to get a plan together. You don’t want to over recruit or under recruit, check the exact amount of people you really need in your business. You don’t want to end up spending more money than you need. Analyse where you are going to recruit from, the level of experience and qualification needed and think about using an applicant tracking system to make sure everything is done smoothly and so you have everyone who has applied in one place. The organisation will see you through and help you make the right decisions.

Set Appropriate Interview Parameters

First, don’t do it alone. Even if you are the only person in the business. You will need a second opinion here. They could see something you don’t. It could be someone with interview experience. A friend or ex-colleague. Just someone else to sit their with you and help assess the candidate. You need to set questions that are pertinent, but not invasive. Be careful what you ask. There are things you should never ask at interview. Don’t forget you can set little tests too. They can be role playing test or specific tests set to find out whether the candidate would be appropriate for the role offered. Be thorough and ask all questions you feel necessary without being invasive. Remember you aren’t just checking their qualifications and references you are also looking into their attitude and working out whether you would work well together. They need to fit in more than anything else to encourage a good working relationship. They need to have a good work ethic too, if you are careful during the interview you can work all of this out.

Ensure Your Vetting Is Good

This is important. You must ensure your vetting is done right otherwise you could end up with someone that has lied and slipped through the net. Check everything they say, especially their references and their degree or other relevant qualifications. Call the university and previous employers and ask about their conduct and the way they worked. You could check absence, behavior and the like too. Check up on everything they say, even if it seems meaningless. You want to make sure you get the right person who fits in with you and the business. You would be doing your business a dis-justice if you didn’t do the proper checks.


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