Preparing Your Startup For The Worst


There is a surprising amount that can go wrong in business. Knowing this might not necessarily make you feel any better about your startup, but it does mean that you should do whatever you can to help protect your business against the many potential threats facing you. To be able to do that requires that you know well what problems your business could face, and that is where this post comes in. In it, we are going to go through some of the major problems that any startup can face, even early on. Study the following scenarios and do everything you can to prepare your business for them. You will be glad you did if you find that it becomes necessary later on in your business’ life.


Sometimes it is the case that a business is threatened from within by one of the members of staff. One of the most common problems in young businesses is theft. Your employees might steal from the company at any time. Although you don’t want to think of your employees as doing this, the fact is that it is incredibly common, and you need to be doing everything you can to protect your business as much as possible. Usually, the theft is not money itself (although it can be) but other, smaller things. Although smaller, these are generally no less worrisome, as over time such instances of theft does make a big difference to the company’s profits. Theft is the kind of problem that grows over time to become a much bigger one, so it is in your interests to put it to rest as early as possible.

To avoid theft becoming a central issue in your business, you need to make sure you do everything you can to discourage people from doing it as soon as possible. The easiest and most effective way to do this is to hold regular training sessions in which you talk about security. If you let staff know that a big security issue is theft, this will ensure that they know you are keen on reducing it, which means that you are watching out for it closely. This is likely to reduce much of the theft in the business, so it is well worth doing. You should take new employees through this training session too so that you minimize the amount of shrinkage your business sees as much as possible. If nothing else, this will help to keep your economy that little bit stronger.


Of course, the amount of damage to the business that your employees are likely to do is relatively little compared to those from outside the business. Something which all startups need to think closely about is burglary, as this is a common problem for new businesses. Typically, new businesses do not have very strong security measures on their premises, which means that people can easily break in and cause damage or steal stock and supplies. If you can be the exception by ensuring you have a strong focus on security in your building, you will do a lot for reducing the likelihood of being burgled. This is one of the most common ways for a new business to lose out, so protecting yourself against this particular danger is hugely important.

Make sure you hire a security team as soon as you can afford it. Having an actual presence is the best way to ensure that people do not try to break in, and much more effective than cameras alone. That being said, you should not skimp on cameras, as a security system of that sort is one of the best deterrents against break-ins and burglaries. Do everything you can to prevent this, and you will be most of the way to protecting your business in the long run.

Data Loss

In this day and age, it is important to recognize that data is as important as anything real and physical in your business. Most businesses store a lot of data, and generally quite a lot of it is particularly sensitive. This could be that it is sensitive in terms of your business’ onward goals, or that it is information you hold about your customers which you have a legal duty to protect. Either way, it is essential that you find some strong ways to keep your data as well protected as possible, so that you can be more confident in your business’ ongoing security. One of the most essential and basic steps towards this end is to find some decent IT help. With IT consulting services working with you, you should be able to ensure that you minimize the likelihood of your data being lost or stolen. You might also be able to find ways to get data back if something does happen to it, and that alone can help prevent a considerable headache within the business.

Natural Disaster

Although it might be quite rare, you really can’t afford not to take everything into consideration in business, so you need to think about this as much as anything else. You never know what is going to happen, and when it comes to natural disasters the results can often be particularly damaging for the business. As it happens, there are ways to ensure that you know what you are doing if a natural disaster does occur. If this happens, you should be clear with your staff on what exit routes to take and what the best course of action is. The most important thing here is to protect your staff, and after that your stocks and supplies. Look after the people first and foremost, and the rest will usually follow. It is vital that you have proper procedures in place for when this kind of event happens, so that you can protect everyone as well as possible. If you don’t, you could be in trouble, and your business might suffer in the long run as a result as well.


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