Inspiring Your Team Isn’t That Hard


If you manage a team, whether you’re the boss or simply the manager, you need to make an effort every day to ensure they are feeling inspired and putting out their best work. You might think this is hard, but the truth is, it’s quite simple. Making a team feel important and valued is one of the best ways to inspire them and make them want to work harder. Here are some pointers you can use:

Let In The Light

Natural light is such an underrated tool when it comes to inspiring a team. The light can help people to feel more positive and productive, plus, it has many more health benefits over artificial light. You’ll also save on electricity and become more eco-friendly!

Make The Workplace More Inspiring

Make the workplace a more inspiring place to be. Your team isn’t going to want to come into work every day if it’s drab. Inject a little colour. Make things more comfortable. Put up art, and maybe some motivational quotes. Let them decorate their desks a little.

Give Positive Feedback

Don’t be one of those team managers that only ever gives negative feedback. Let the team know when they’ve done something well, both individually and as a whole. This will make them feel great and they’ll appreciate you taking notice.

Treat Them

Occasionally, you may want to treat your team to let them know they are valued. How about incentives and bonuses, or even just donuts on a Friday afternoon? The infographic below has more information!

Credit to USC Online Master of Communication Management


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