How to Create a Positive Work Environment for Your Employees

work environment

We all know that happy employees lead to better productivity. The way your employees feel about the workplace can directly affect how well your business operates. However, you have no control over what goes on in your employees lives, so your only option is to make the workplace as comfortable as possible. So, what do you need to do to create a positive environment for your workforce?


When an employee doesn’t know how much they’re appreciated, work becomes harder. Imagine working your hardest and not getting any recognition or thanks for it. As an employer, it’s important to always recognise how hard your employees are working. Pinpoint specific work that they’ve done and tell them what you liked about it. Bring in a box of cupcakes to share around during a coffee break as a thank you. Whatever you decide to do, make sure they know they are valued.

Make it Convenient

People are beginning to leave the nine to five lifestyle behind. Flexibility is the new must have for young and upcoming employees and businesses are working to make that happen. For example, with enterprise workforce management you can allow your employees to clock in and out via their tablets with facial recognition. It’s much more convenient for your employees and you won’t have to worry about monitoring each and every worker either. If employees know they won’t be reprimanded for having to leave an hour early to pick the kids up or dashing out to pick up a prescription for an ill parent, they’re more likely to work harder when present.

Lead by Example

Employees aren’t likely to do their best for an employer who spends all day on the golf course. If you want to get the best out of your employees, you need to set the tone. It’s also important that you don’t shut yourself away in your office all day. Walk around and say hello to people, smile and create relationships with the people working for you. If your employees see how hard you’re working and how approachable you are, it will make them much more comfortable.

Encourage Positive Attitudes

The best way to achieve productivity is by attempting to make your employees think they’re capable of achieving it. You can encourage employees by pointing out their skills or giving them tips for reaching their goals. It can also help to have a mission statement present in the office and inspirational quotes posted in break rooms or copy rooms and even toilets. It’s surprising how reading just a sentence can influence the way you think.

Have Fun

If you’ve got a good joke, share it around the office. If you want to give something back to the community, allow your employees to do a fancy dress. There are lots of ways of creating humor in an office and it can dramatically lift spirits. However, your employees are there to work, so make sure work is actually getting done when it needs to be.


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