How Mobile Technology Can Improve Business


It seems like we’ve been using our smartphones to connect to the internet for centuries, but it was only just longer than a decade ago that our mobile phones were pretty useless when it came to business. Now, business owners would be foolish to leave their homes without their phones because it means they can stay connected to their business and customers at all times. Take a look at how mobile technology could improve your business.

Product Demonstrations

We all know that customers respond well to images and videos. Some of the newest Samsung phones allow you to take 360-degree videos to give your customers a sneak peek into your products, services and what happens behind the scenes. Pair that with the inevitable integration of virtual reality headsets to phone packages, and your customers have an experience that has never been available to them before. Get ready for the future of advertising!

Mobile Websites

If your business website isn’t mobile friendly, it’s time to upgrade with the help of managed IT services. Studies show that busy people often use train journeys, bus rides or work breaks to purchase items online. They may be shopping for a last-minute birthday gift or sending flowers to an ill friend. The point is, what do these people use to do their shopping? Their phones! If your website isn’t mobile friendly or doesn’t allow quick and easy payment options, you’re probably missing out on a lot of sales. Think convenience!


Never before has it been easier to communicate with employees and customers via your phone. Sites like Slack are a fantastic way of keeping communication lines open. So, if you’re on the go or out of the office when an important message comes through, the sender doesn’t have to wait a significant amount of time for a reply. There’s nothing that holds up work longer than waiting for instruction. And, it saves your clients receiving those terrible ‘out of office until November 2025’ emails.


Nine to five working hour jobs are dying out. Employees want more flexibility when it comes to their careers and it often suits customers too. Flexibility means that employees can focus on their work when they aren’t distracted by something else. Using mobile technology means that you can allow your employees to be more flexible without sacrificing the quality of the work produced. It also often means that employees will remain loyal to the businesses that they work for.

Save Time

There’s a mobile app for everything. If you need to scan a document and send it to a client, there’s no need to wait until you get into the office and then join the queue of co-workers waiting to do the same thing. Just download a scanning app on your phone and do it from wherever you are. Business owners can also deal with expenses via mobile phones and even pay invoices or send invoices. Using your mobile will also ensure your business doesn’t have mass paper use, which is as environmentally friendly as it gets for business.


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