4 Easy Ways To Make Your Ebay Store Sales Soar


Whether you sell custom T-Shirts, vacuum cleaner parts or drum kits, the option of opening an eBay store is hugely appealing. With low fees, the opportunity to receive payment via PayPal and the ability to sell worldwide, there is no need to design your own website or lease premises for a physical shop. The online presence that eBay affords your products enables you to launch a hugely successful business venture provided you follow these simple tips.

1. The Photo Never Lies

It’s absolutely vital that you get yourself a decent camera and upload the highest quality images you can to accompany your product descriptions. Consider purchasing a white or black screen to place behind your products to ensure that there is minimal distraction from the item itself. We have all seen the blurry photos of second-hand DVDs taken against a floral sofa of pink and green hues. Utilize the maximum number of photos you are allowed to upload to your store. Don’t just upload one single image. Not only does it look unprofessional but it does not fill your potential buyers with confidence. They may feel like you have something to hide and are unwilling to show your product in all its glory.

2. Words

Make sure the product descriptions that you write are truthful and accurate. Don’t elaborate or stretch the truth. You are building a brand and want to develop a reputation of trust. Put as much information on there as humanly possible. If you are selling furniture, include the dimensions; if raincoats are your products of choice, include the sizes available. Ensure that each description follows the same format and is checked using www.online-spellcheck.com to ensure accurate spelling and grammar.

3. Delivery Charges

Make sure you charge accurately for delivery. You do not want to be undercharging so much that you are effectively providing free delivery. If you are selling larger items, look into sourcing an experienced logistics company such as www.jetexlogistics.com who can deliver state-wide. Unlike regular courier companies, these specialist companies can deliver your products the same day giving you and your customers the option of speedier service.

4. Build A Brand

If you are in the embryonic stages of setting up your eBay store, consider the style of branding you want for your business. Get yourself a cool little avatar that will appear on every page of your eBay store. Make sure it exudes the ethos of your products. If you are selling baby clothes, opt for a gentle font with pastel blue or pink shades. If you are selling sexy kitten heels, opt for something more sophisticated with a monochrome design. Google is your best friend and will reveal plenty of free online avatar creators like www.canva.com that allow you to experiment with different designs.

With eBay, you know that you are gaining exposure on a well trusted and renowned online platform. By utilizing the features that eBay provides and creating a unique brand, you will see your sales increase. So, take the plunge and venture into the exciting world of ecommerce.


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