Techniques For Writing A Business Blog With Relevant Content


Digital marketing for your business is crucial in gaining the rightful success you need to prosper, grow and expand. In fact, digital marketing is by far the most important aspect of any advertising campaign, because there are simply more people online than there are watching traditional media forms such as television. The online world is also filled with every kind income, from low to high, so no one is excluded e.g. you won’t find luxury product adverts on t.v. Setting up a business blog is a pathway to reach out to customers, to finally, speak to the masses who love and adore your products or services. A blog is a wrecking ball that breaks the fourth wall in business and recognizes that consumers aren’t robots. At first, you might think it’s a waste of time, because a blog is essentially, like a diary. You write about updates, respond to feedback and give the future plans of the business to the audience. It’s more human than it is formal, but the connection-effect is what counts the most.

It’s all about them

It’s okay to want to give your backstory and talk about what made you decide the particular kind of business you have, but that’s what business expos are for. The blog is not a panel where the audience asks you to tell them about yourself, so make the subjects all about them. They are the ones who are buying your product, and many consumers are just passing by, they want a long droning about how you started. Write about the concerns you can see in the industry, or about a product or feature, which the feedback has been negative about. Remember that the attention span of most online shoppers, regarding a company blog is going to be short. Even YouTube has their own blog, but compared to the amount of users,  the readership is a mere fraction of a fraction. Give customers attentive feedback and updates, addressing concerns.

Stay relevant and timely

Your blog must have regular content on it, to keep the traffic high on the website. It’s not just about pumping out ideas but staying relevant. You should study competitive keyword analysis, so you have a finger on the pulse of the industry and the competition. Analyzing the keywords your rivals are using to lure customers in, is a time-consuming process but it’s an integral part of running a successful business. Studying how they incorporate certain words, how they build their paragraphs and how they link the topic back to themselves to be relevant, will give you tips to do something similar. By sticking to a publishing schedule, it forces you to have relevant topics to speak about beforehand. By studying what’s hot or trending, you can align a blog post, to how it fits into your business plan and product.  

A linear posting approach

Customers are on the move; they’re meeting friends, they’re cooking, cleaning and going about their daily lives. They don’t have time to sift through a blog post, to find the content that means something to them; they’re more likely to switch off. Therefore your blog should have a linear layout. The beginning should be short and sweet, summarizing what the post is about in bullet points; in journalism, this is called a ‘stand first.’ The introduction should be about why you’re addressing an issue with evidence to back it up; it could be a consensus, feedback comments or industry rumors. The main body should go into restrained detail, and address the topic with the use of brevity. Short sentences, allow readers to digest the topic, in small bites, allowing them to better understand and stay interested. The conclusion should be summing up what has been done or updated, and what the reader can expect from the subject next time. Be informative, but don’t lecture or condescend the customers.

Keep social media in the spotlight

Somewhere in your blog posts, should be a link to your social media pages. Social media pages should be used to give exclusive updates. This incentivizes users to follow you and keep up-to-date with your business. This way, you’ll be in their daily lives, consistently. Add in a tweet you made or post about something regarding the topic you’re talking about. This will show customers who aren’t following you, that you are on their favorite platform and also, they’re missing out on the ‘breaking news’ of your business.

User-orientated content is the best way to show you care about your customers. A lot of the time, businesses feel they have to address certain section of their products or services because consumers don’t understand the models. A blog post is a great way to keep everyone in line with your thinking, keep them focused on what you might do next, and show you care about their concerns.  


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