Content Which Has Purpose Connects Stronger With The Consumer


Although the internet has only been around for a short amount of time, considering the length and breadth of human history, it’s perhaps the fastest evolving part of our lives. This is both tricky and wonderful for startup businesses. Not at any other time than now, has there been so many avenues you could do down to promote and market your business. However, it’s not technically a rule, but there is a right way and a wrong way. It’s no longer good enough just to have an advertising campaign based on targeted algorithms. Consumers want content that speaks out to them; they can relate and connect with. Explaining how you have the best product is no longer enough; you must show them why it’s better.

Why a video ad

Video advertisement can be very short, in order for them to fit onto multiple online platforms. Nowadays, all you really get is 5 seconds to hook the audience in before a ‘skip’ button appears on the screen. However, some advertisement can run for up to 20 to 30 seconds with no skip feature, so you have two kinds of options. Tell a story, think about how your product is mainly used by your customers, and why it’s important to them. Target the emotional angle, so there’s a feeling of having to rely on your product or service in some part of their lives. Cater for your key demographic, so whether it’s for a family or the youth, the angle must be representative of the particular lifestyle they lead. This way your product stays relevant to the use it was designed for.

Blogging with evidence

Blogging is a great digital marketing tactic that is content which is purely created from in-house staff and even you the business owner. The point about blogs is to write in an informal and pleasant manner, without the veil of a professional company outer shell. However, blogs often get stale, because it’s difficult to generate ideas once the main reasons why and how your product should be used are covered. A blog cannot purely live on just writing about updates and upcoming events. Content that stays alive is that which has a purpose and true evidence behind it. Companies like Detailed, offer case studies to businesses who wish to content market for their products and services. You can find out what makes your customers tick, see why kind of trends are important to them and then, tie your product into those narratives.

Responsive updates

When you release an update either for a service or a product, the update patch notes, or the blog or video that ensues, should explain why you made these changes and updates. You could read out customer questions in a video, and respond accordingly, citing a pattern of inquiries which made you perform the changes. Equally, in the blog or the patch notes, you could briefly explain the reasons why you felt the specific changes has to be made. This lets the consumers know that you’re thinking about them, and willing to take on board ideas from buyers to make a service or product better. Customer service which stands true to the term is greatly appreciated and not easily forgotten by customers.

Live Q n’ A sessions

Customers like to watch videos which go into detail about a product which they use. Having a live question and answer livestream over a social media platform such as Facebook, is a superb outreach strategy. It allows users to meet you, almost face to face. They can finally put a face to the business and hear your thoughts on the industry you operate in, where you think it’s headed and what the future may hold for your company. You’ll be getting questions from the audience, so being quick on your toes is something you’ll have to prepare for. Make sure to have notes with you, so you’re not left umming and ahhing, at a question that asks for specific evidence or data. Spread the word before and during the livestream, on your social media accounts so you can get the maximum amount of views watching you. Facebook and other livestreaming videos of CEOs are becoming more and more common as the need to personally connect with the people who buy your products and services, begins to be the most important goal for marketing.

Content that has a purpose stands a greater chance of connecting with the consumer. Stabbing aimlessly in the dark is great to keep viewer traffic on your website stable, but it doesn’t have the punch behind it, to make waves in the market. Therefore, listen and respond to feedback and be creative.


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