Growing Your Business by Using Different Forms of Media


We all know that your trusty website is one of the most instrumental tools that will help you grow a startup. It’s a landing page for when others link to your services and products, it’s a way to expand your business into the digital realm and it can be used in conjunction with social media like Twitter and Instagram to grow your brand. It goes without saying that without a website, you’re not going to have a good time growing your business, but it pays to learn how to utilize your website in order to get the most out of it.

The most common type of content on a website is in written form. Be it articles, blog posts or product descriptions, content is usually put into word form because it’s the easiest to produce, it’s cheap to order and most people appreciate being able to read something that their own pace. However, that’s not to say that other forms of media can’t be used, and this article will show you how to leverage other types of media in order to grow your business.


They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and there’s no better way to show that than to put it in a business scenario. Instead of explaining what your products can do, pictures to show them in motion and in their intended environment will sell your wares a lot faster than a bunch of text. However, you need to learn how to mingle text and images together to create the best content. Images are one of the key ingredients that make great content for your website, and it’s important to focus on using the right images at the right time in order to bring more attention to your business. Using stock photographs from free websites all the time can get boring, which is why taking your own photographs or creating your own images (or ordering them from a freelancer) can be a much better choice.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video would be worth millions. Shooting video will require some dedicated equipment (or a smartphone if you’re feeling frugal). Most startups and small companies can’t afford film crews to help them create an advertisement that looks presentable, but there are services like Rotor View that could provide you with some excellent stock footage to be used in your videos. By using drones, you can film large landscapes and buildings to use with your products (if it’s applicable) and it’s far cheaper than hiring a professional film crew to get the shots you need.


We can’t forget about audio either. Many bloggers are also involved with podcasting, which is similar to a radio talk show only on a smaller scale. Episodes are released at the podcast owner’s own pace, and they can cover almost any topic that you can imagine. If you have a blog on your website or if you want to provide a service for the visually impaired, then you can use audio to your advantage.

Future Media

With technology advancing at such as fast rate, it’s inevitable that new forms of media will be introduced that you can take advantage of. The early birds are going to catch the worm in this case, so be on the lookout for ways to use virtual reality and augmented reality in your business marketing strategy to stay ahead of the game.


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