Hacks For Measuring Your Website’s Success


There is article after article about improving your website’s traffic and boosting its page rank, but what about measuring its success in the first place? There’s a common misconception that most business owners know all the best tools to use when it comes to measuring the success of their website, but that’s not actually the case. There are a lot of entrepreneurs (and bloggers) who are in the dark when it comes to monitoring their online success.

A lot of newer business owners presume that if their website is sleek, smart and stylish, and easy to use and navigate, that it’s bound to be successful. However, the truth of the matter is, it’s not just about aesthetics, there’s more to website success than that. To determine how successful your website is, you need to dive into the data and analytics.

To make the process of measuring your website’s success easier, below are some hacks.

Utilize analytics tools

For tracking your website’s pageviews, analytics tools are crucial. There are a wide range of analytics tools that can be used to track your website’s data, one of the most popular of which is Google Analytics. This is one of the most popular analytical tools due to the fact that it is free to use, whereas many other similar tools come with a monthly premium. The reason that these kind of tools are so popular is because they allow you to see not only how many pageviews your site gets each month but also where these visitors come from. It’s this information that is incredibly useful when it comes to implementing a digital marketing campaign.

Measuring your site’s SEO score

Another way that you can measure your website’s success is by monitoring your site’s SEO score. It will be low, to begin with, but over time you can watch it grow. To track your score, there are plenty of tools available. If you contact an SEO company, you will probably find that as part of their SEO services they offer an SEO score checker where you can check your website’s SEO score for free. Once you’ve got your score, you can then work to improve it – teaming up with an SEO specialist could be the answer to this.

Tracking your DA, PA, and spam score

DA, PA and spam scores are all vital measurements for your website’s success, so tracking them is crucial. DA – aka domain authority – tells you how authoritative your website is and how well ranked it is in search engines. PA – aka page authority – is similar to DA except that it relates to a specific page of your website, such as your ‘About Us’ page or a page from your blog. As for your website’s spam score, the lower it is, the better. This is because websites that have high spam scores are more likely to be penalised by search engines like Google. You can track your DA, PA and spam score via Moz.

There you have it, a guide to the best methods of measuring your website’s success.


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