Untangling The Web: The Top 5 Platforms For Your Business Blog


Blogging may have been around for 50 years, but business blogging has gained traction in the last decade more than any other time. The developments in technology and computing are to thank for this, and so blogging has grown exponentially. If you want to give your business a little more oomph, starting a blog to tell the world about yourselves is the best way to do it. The trouble is that there are so many different ways to do it, it can be difficult to untangle what the best for your business is.

There are many business social media sites, such as LinkedIn, that really put emphasis on business blogging. This is mainly because blogging can help you generate leads and gain more traffic to your site, so promotion is key. Business blogging still remains a fairly niche category, but there are far more platforms for business blogs than ever before. Still confused about where to start? Don’t worry. We’ve put together five of the best business blogging platforms around so you can make an informed choice of where you start showing your personality to the world!


WordPress is a user favorite among personal and businesses bloggers, mainly because of how simple it is to run. It’s also the biggest content management system around on the web today. You can choose to use it simply for the blog you want to run, or you can build your company website around it. You can look online for a WordPress hosting comparison so you can choose the best place to have your blog running from. Don’t forget that the .org site is the software and .com is the social network built around blogging. It’s easily confused.


Not just a social media site for businesses to network, LinkedIn now allows its users to publish content directly onto the website. It’s always been hailed as a businessman’s Facebook page, but now they’re expanding into something more, allowing your content to be seen by business professionals worldwide.


You may not have heard of this one, as Medium is fairly new to the blogging world and is exactly what it says on the tin. WordPress has developed substantially in its capabilities but it has inspired sites like Medium to stay as solely a blogging platform.


Google-owned, Blogger is one of the original blogging platforms and is a social network that has been built around blogging and isn’t software that you would directly install onto a server. You can share gadgets and widgets on your blog with Blogger, and make it interactive.


Only launched last year, CEOPress is a new blogging platform exclusively to CEOs, startup businesses and entrepreneurs. This will allow for a little exclusive networking for the business community and be a good place to start something that is solely for business use.

The platform you use for your business blog can really determine its success. Doing the right research and utilizing the right platform will surge it to success.


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