The First Steps Toward Starting Your Daycare Center Business


If you’ve got a passion for working with kids and want to help them grow, starting a daycare center business is one of the best career paths you can follow. Not only do you get to decide how you day care center runs and looks, but you also show the market, that your business model is the best on offer. Creating daycare center requires you to be a people person, because of the enjoyment and learning an aspect of children and understanding their minds, is what will draw parents in through your door. After studying the child business industry, you should be aware that there will be certain legal practices you’ll have to follow regarding paperwork the physical stature of your center. A lack of foresight can be detrimental, so health and safety must be absolutely at the forefront of the design, but the business plan should also lack holes.

Toddler target market

There are many different age groups that have their own style of a daycare center. Just-walking children will be more or less treated like babies, but with little more activities. While toddlers are the most popular market choice because they can occupy most of their own time, through play and interaction. They can also be better directed to pay attention and respect an authority figure. Slightly older children who are nearing the end of their elementary education, also have day care centers for busy parents who pick them up from school. Toddlers who are between the ages of 4 – 8 are the best choice for a startup as both educational and play services are important to their growth in equal measure.

Things to consider during construction

Health and safety come before anything when design the outside play area. Remember, you’ll be trusted with the physical health of other people’s children, so make sure the materials you use are modern. For example, to avoid children scraping their knees are tearing the skin off their hands when they fall, use poured rubber flooring. It’s bouncy and has the ability to be colored, into children’s character designs. The swing set must have foam put around the metal bars, and the playhouse should also have pillows in it, and cushioned ceilings, so children don’t bump their heads.

The ethos of the floor plan design

Measure the amount of space you have available and flowing floor plan the property you’re using has. Consider the fact that children should be subconsciously be made aware that the play area is separate from the learning area so that a clear boundary is understood. The most spacious room could be for educational purposes like reading books, coloring, stories and for sleeping. The small rooms should be used for eating purposes whereby groups of children should be taking turns rather than all eating at once, which could cause a lot of confusion and mess. Make sure that there is more than one toilet, so both girls and boys have their own private space when going to the bathroom.

It’s a beautiful business journey to open up your own daycare center, as you provide a place for children to come and play, as well as help them with homework. You take a load of the parents’ minds and allow them to work as hard as they need to, to provide for their families. However, you designing the best service takes time and a lot of things to consider, especially when health and safety takes a leading role in your business plan.


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