10 Ways To Make Your Office A More Productive Environment


Improving the conditions of your office could help to make you and your employees more productive. Here are a few ways in which you can improve your office space for the better.

Let there be light

Poor lighting can cause eye-strain and make your staff more tired. Let in as much natural sunlight as possible or position lamps around the office to brighten the place up.

Control clutter

Clutter doesn’t just make the office more disorganized, it’s been proven to be psychologically bad for concentration. Hide unused items away in drawers and filing cabinets and try not to have too many ornaments around the place. Going paperless can help prevent clutter.

Consider your desk’s ergonomics

Being comfortable at your desk will make you work more efficiently. Ensure that your chair is at the right height and that your desk is not too close to a wall. You could even buy an ergonomic mouse and keyboard for smoother control.

Keep the workplace warm

Don’t let the chill distract you from work. If your heating isn’t working effectively, industrial heater repair may be needed. Of course, you don’t want the office too warm, and an efficient air conditioning unit may be needed for the summer.

Clean your keyboards

Keyboards are breeding grounds for bacteria. It’s thought that they are major cause of spreading illness in the office. Give you keyboard a deep clean once in a while. Don’t eat food over your keyboard as crumbs could attract vermin in the night.

Go open plan

Encourage communication within the team by getting rid of cubicles and going open plan. If concentration is required for some jobs, have a designated quiet time for everyone to knuckle down.

Centralize information

Put important information such as workplans, databases, training documents and contracts in one place. This could be pinned to a wall in a communal area, although may be better suited stored online in a cloud folder that everyone can access at all times. You may even be able to create your own custom software for storing this information.

Stimulate with plants

Plants have been shown to help with concentration, as well as purifying the air. Place plants around the office to help stimulate your team.

Feed employee’s productivity

Food and drink can help serve as a pick-me-up. Provide a few snacks to spur on your workforce throughout the day. You could also invest in a coffee machine and put this in a communal area. Food can also be a great incentive – if your team achieves a goal, why not treat everyone to a meal or bring in a bottle of champagne to celebrate.

Have a ‘break zone’

It’s important to have a zone where people can go on their break. Eating food at your desk is unhealthy both for the body and the mind. Encourage your staff to go to this space when they’re not working.


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