Getting People Excited About Your Business


When it comes to building a business, you can do everything right. You can get the funding, follow all the tips for building a brand, create a website, and have social media profile for your company. But all of this means nothing if people don’t care about your company, or have no interest in your products and services. You can have the most groundbreaking product or service in history, but without building anticipation and generating interest in the months leading up to the launch, your business will fall flat, right from the start. You can increase your chance of success if you start getting people excited about your business before you even launch. Here are a few ways you can build up the hype.

Use social media correctly

It’s not enough to just have a social media page for your business and post links to your blogs and products; you need to use it to grab people’s attention and make them care about what you have to say. The easiest, and hardest, way to do this is to get something trending on social media. It can help if you tweet about something controversial on Twitter, use a unique hashtag, and post things at a time when more people are likely to be online. It also helps to have an established audience to share your posts, but that will come after you’ve built an online personality.

Attend events

Generating interest online is definitely a good way to make sure you have a global audience waiting for your product, but sometime you can’t beat doing a pitch in person. Attending industry events is an excellent way to showcase your business in a way that just isn’t possible to do online. With a killer presentation behind you, and Conference Data Services microphones in your hand, you can let your charm and personality shine through as you tell your audience why your product matters, why you believe that your services can help them, and why they should be excited about your launch.

Create a waiting list

Waiting lists are beneficial for you as a business owner because help you gauge consumer interest early on. They also play on many psychological triggers, such as scarcity, that make us want access as soon as possible. To give further incentive to your potential customers, offer a reward for the first 20 or so people to sign up to your waiting list. You might want to change the reward depending on how many people are actively talking about your product, and you want the prize to be something useful, but not too expensive for you.

Start a countdown

Countdowns act as a reminder for your audience and they build anticipation. Once you have enough people talking about your product and signed up to your waiting list, start a countdown to the launch date. You can publish it in your website sidebar, on your homepage, or across your social media accounts so no one misses the big day.


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