Protecting your Business’s Reputation with Reputation Management Software


In this day and age everything is shared quickly and across the globe online. The sharing also includes, and is not limited to, reviews and opinions on products and companies. For this reason monitoring people’s opinions on your company and what is being said all over the Internet is very important. Because sharing has become so fast, and customers rely on other’s opinions, your start-up definitely needs to keep its reputation under control.

First of all, if you are not familiar with what reputation management is, just know that the more you manage it, the better it is. Also known as ORM, online reputation management has grown extensively over the past few years. Especially with today’s increasingly active social media use, a company’s reputation can go from positive to negative in very little time.

In fact, to no one’s surprise, companies specializing in artificial intelligence such as Expert System have created reputation management software to help companies with this growing ORM phenomenon, and to cover their reputation blind spots online. The software filters and recognizes both the positive and the negative words users and customers say about your business. This filter then shows you what the online and social world are saying about you, and how much your reputation is improving as they speak. The software also alerts you about the bad comments on your business, and consequently helps you prevent the negative result from the bad comments- saving your reputation.

With the important role that social media, and one’s online reputation play, businesses investing in reputation management tools are definitely looking towards the future. With technology moving so fast, it is best for businesses to keep up with the times and not fall behind on the technological advancements. Therefore, like most people care about their reputation (both online and offline) why shouldn’t a business care too?

Not many people realize the importance that one’s online reputation has, until it’s too late. All you need is one mean comment, 3 online shares, and possibly even one photo, you and your business are risking it big. Not only are you looking at a possible downfall, but why lose so much over so little? Protecting your online reputation should be at the top of your list. Because all of (or most of) your strategies revolve around your online persona, and promoting your online image, your reputation is what immediately follows. Shouldn’t that then be, obviously, the aspect to your business that you’d want to manage the most?

In this modern age, reputation is more important than ever and is perhaps more easily destroyed if not managed in the best way. If your customers trust you and your product, it will come automatically to them to recommend your services to others. But think of the customers that stumble upon you online, will they be more prone to trust you with positive, or negative online reviews? You know the answer.