Hiring Talented Employees Just Got A Lot Easier


It’s common for small startups to be a bit wary of hiring new employees. In the beginning, you almost want to keep your company as small as possible to minimize overhead costs and what have you. Plus, the hiring process can be complicated and cost money also.

However, hiring employees may be essential for the running of your business. This leaves you in a tricky situation that needs solving. Luckily, hiring talented employees is a lot easier when you know the right tactics to use.

Conduct Video Interviews

Potential candidates hate interviews as they can be a very tense and nervy affair. Well, employers hate them too as they take up a lot of time and effort. Having candidates come into your premises over the course of a few days can lead to disruptions. Alternatively, you can save yourself lots of effort by conducting video interviews. Interview candidates over Skype and you will find the whole thing a lot easier. You don’t have to go out of your way to do anything, and the interviewee is likely to be more confident and give a more accurate representation of themselves.

Use Software To Sort Through Resumes

A big part of hiring employees is looking at the resumes of many candidates. As a startup, you might be hiring for multiple jobs at once, which gives you lots to look through. People hate doing this, and it can often lead to rushing through it and missing important info and losing a great candidate. Or, you just don’t request resumes in the first place and hire someone without knowing much about them. Instead of doing either of these things, you should find software that deals with the problem for you. As it mentions on the Applicant Tracking Systems website, there is software that will scan through resumes for you. With this type of software, you typically set a few keywords and skills that you want to pick up on, and the software does the rest. It saves a lot of time and ensures you find the best resumes from the best candidates.

Ask Questions During The Application

The traditional way of applying for a job is to submit your resume, wait for a call, go to an interview, and hopefully get hired. But, your business should do things slightly differently. When the applicants have to submit their resume, you should ask them certain questions. Think about a couple of questions that are important to the job role. They could be simple things like ‘What experience do you have in this role?’ or ‘What makes you different from other candidates?’. These questions can be answered on an application form or in the cover letter of their resume. It’s a great way of trying to narrow down your options depending on how well the questions are answered.

With these three tips, hiring employees becomes a lot easier. The whole process will be quicker, and you will hire the best candidate every time. Try them out and start hiring talented staff for your startup.


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