The Alternatives To Startup Employees


Most startups have very limited or no funding at all. It could be several years before you can consider your business a success, making enough money to keep everything afloat. During this time, it’s usually best to avoid spending as much money as possible. Things like large offices and expensive employees are out of the question, but you still have work to do, making it hard to live without these components. To help you out with this, this post will be going through some of the areas of your startup which can be handled by people on the outside. With the purpose of hiring as few employees as possible, you should be able to save loads, and it’s a lot less effort, as well.

Computing And Networking

Computers and networks site at the heart of most modern companies. These tools open the doors to a wide array of different possibilities for a business, from being able to store huge amounts of data securely to communicating with clients across the world. Of course, though, with all their benefits, computers can also come with a lot of issues. Handling these issues isn’t always easy for a startup, as this field is an expensive one. Below, you can find some of the areas which can be handled cheaply, without hiring any employees.


Getting your hands on all of the computers and other hardware your startup needs will be the first challenge you face. This sort of gear is pricey, and a lot of companies will want to use new equipment. Affording this will be a great challenge, and could be impossible to justify to any investor’s you have. Instead of buying this, it’s much better to borrow someone else’s, as a startup. Loads of manufacturers, like Dell, offer leasing services for their business range of products. This will keep your systems up to date, while also ensuring you only have new tech.

Support And Networking

Once you have a big collection of computers to work with, you can start to think about the support you get when using them. Along with this, you’ll also need someone to help with your networking, if you want it to be secure. There are loads of companies out there which offer IT support, computer repair, and networking services on an hourly basis. This ensures that you only pay for the computer help you need, while also making sure you always have access to it. Hiring a professional to handle this area for you would cost a small fortune.


Next, one of the biggest things on the mind of any business is the money they make. Unfortunately, though, to be able to handle finances like this, most people will study for several years. Hiring a professional accountant is off the table, thanks to the price, and most business owners won’t want to go out and learn this skill for themselves. Instead, you need a way to have this work handled easily while also avoiding high costs. Accounting software offers this, enabling you to handle your finances by yourself. This sort of tool can calculate all of the metrics a normal accountant would show you, including the taxes you have to pay for your work. Along with this, some can even be extended to help with payroll and other essential jobs.

Some startups will want a little more financial protection than this, as it’s hard to be confident when all of the pressure is on your shoulders. Like your IT support, though, this doesn’t have to be handled by a new employee. Instead, you can have this part of your business handled by another company. Accounting services exist everywhere, with loads of different options available. This makes it nice and easy to choose a service which works for you both financially and in day to day use.

Human Resources

Of course, you can’t eliminate your employees altogether, as most companies have to handle too much work for one person to deal with. Dealing with recruitment is never an easy task, though, as the process comes with a whole load of legal and regulatory paperwork. Large companies will often have entire departments dedicated to this kind of work. But, as a startup, you won’t have this resource available to you. Below, you can find two tools which will make this easier for you.

Recruitment Companies

When you’re trying to find a new employee, making job adverts and going through applications is a large part of the job. If you dedicate yourself to this, you won’t be able to spend time working on other parts of the business, potentially losing money. Instead of taking this approach, using a recruitment agency could solve the issue before it starts. Lots of companies like this offer flat rates to find a new employee for you. So, it won’t cost a small fortune, even if it takes a long time to find someone.

HR Tools

Once you have some people working for you, the job of the recruitment agency will be done, and you will have to start managing things yourself. To help you with this, there are loads of software applications out there which are designed to handle HR. Like your accounting software, this sort of option will be easy to use and learn. But, it will have the power to carry out tasks even a professional would struggle with.

Web Design

Along with most modern companies using computers and networking in their work, a lot will also have a website. This sort of resource gives you a portal to the consumer world, enabling you to reach out to your customers without having to pay for expensive physical advertising. But, to make sure your website is effective, you first have to make sure that it’s been designed well. A lot of companies use DIY website building tools, nowadays. These tools are often very lacking, though, and won’t produce something worthy of showing to your customers and clients. Of course, you probably won’t want to hire a web developer to work for you, either, as this would be very expensive. So, a middle ground has to be found.

The perfect option to help you here is a self-employed web developer. In most cities and towns, this sort of work is very popular amongst small businesses, and you can find examples almost anywhere. Depending on their experience, you will get different levels of pricing from designer to designer. Looking at their past work, you will be able to get a good idea of the skills they have and the level of quality found in their work. Along with this, though, you could also think about reading some testimonials or reviews from other customers.

Freelance Workers

A lot of the work your business does will probably require specialists to handle. From the products and services you provide to the maintenance of your hardware and software, professionals will be found in most businesses. Of course, though, in the modern world, recruitment is nearly never your only option. Below, you will find two examples of methods which can be used to hire freelance employees. This sort of recruitment is always much cheaper and easier than hiring permanent workers, as you won’t have to deal with the legal side of recruitment.


It’s likely that some of the work you have to get done will be very regular, requiring employees to work several days a week to get it done. In this case, hiring freelancers to work from home could be your best option. With a basic contract which doesn’t tie you down, you’ll only ever have to worry about paying your freelancers. Finding employees like this can be done through recruitment drives you handle yourself, on free websites.

Found Online

Some of the work you need to have handled won’t be so regular, though. For example, you may have a large order which you won’t be able to complete in time and need someone to handle the digital side of the project for you. In this case, using a website like Freelancer, you’d be able to find a professional to do the work for you, without having to pay for legal fees or a recruitment agent. This method of employment has become incredibly popular in recent years, with loads of people starting to work this way. This gives businesses access to a wealth of professional resources.

Over the next few years, your business will grow and change a lot. During this time, the way that you handle jobs like these can have a huge impact on your future. Instead of pushing things back or leaving them for another day, it’s always best to take this sort of work head on. This way, you’ll never be left without the power to grow, and will have the chance to take on every opportunity which comes your way. Hopefully, this post will inspire you to do just that, avoiding little issues later on. Most small businesses will only get one chance to grow. So, if you’re still working on these areas when that chance comes, you could easily miss it. This is a very easy way to land yourself in business limbo.


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