4 Costly Manufacturing Mistakes You’ll Want To Avoid


When your business is involved in manufacturing a product, you will be aware of the laws in place to ensure that your product meets quality control. The initial days of starting a manufacturing business are mainly spent on research, and quality control is a big part of that research to help you to avoid mistakes that can easily be made in the manufacturing process. You’ll already be aware that setting up a manufacturing business is a big commitment financially and the challenges you could face may feel insurmountable.

To be able to get off the ground as a small manufacturing business, you need to be able to move smoothly in your chosen area and avoid making mistakes. Unfortunately, mistakes are easily made in any industry, but in manufacturing they are particularly dangerous. Ideally you have a large support network in place for your business, but if not, it may be a good idea to get that in place as soon as possible. We’ve listed for you some of the most common mistakes made during the manufacturing process!

  1. Employees using the wrong materials or using the wrong processes with the materials is a common and detrimental mistake to make in manufacturing. The consequences aside from the fact materials would be wasted, is the cost! You would need to bring in a company like Quality One to help with identifying the failure. It can also lead to a loss in the confidence of your customers, as you wouldn’t be releasing products in a timely manner.
  2. Staff that fail to track the status in quality control of the materials can mean your company ends up using materials that aren’t up to the standard you would usually use. The product failures and recalls this can lead to can be costly in terms of replacing materials and have legal consequences that your company doesn’t need to deal with if possible.
  3. Accurately recording information should be a given for any business, but failing to record materials as soon as they arrive can lead to inventory errors and the unnecessary ordering of further materials. This costs time and money that you should not be spending and even though employees aren’t necessarily ones who make this mistake, any delays could arise when failing to record the information and receipts. The way around this is to ensure tight controls of records for materials and deliveries; this way, there are no issues in delays.
  4. Even the smallest mistake of picking the wrong materials can make a difference and lead to inventory errors. Shipping replacement materials costs money and time, neither of which you can afford to lose.

The mistakes that are made in the manufacturing process can make a huge difference to efficiency of your company and you can end up wasting a lot of time and money. Look here at how you can employ LEAN processes to your business so that you can tighten up your manufacturing procedures. It’s not an easy industry to be involved in, but it is one you need to run carefully!


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