4 Realistic Renewable Running Options For Green Businesses


Go green, they say. You are hurting the planet, they preach. Sure, going green is something every business would like to achieve. Not only does it help the environment, but it sustains the company for years. However, changing overnight isn’t practical. A business has to be realistic and realize it will take time to turn into a renewable energy giant. All it can do is make small steps and work its way up to the top of the tree.

With that, below are four renewable energy methods which are as realistic as they are organic.

#1: Solar Power

Solar energy is without a doubt the king of renewable energy at the moment. The reasons are varied, but the main one is the accessibility. For starters, any building can install panels on the roof and start soaking up the sun’s rays. It costs a fair amount, but the boards pay for themselves in the long-term. Also, solar energy is constantly churning out electricity because UV rays are always in the atmosphere. It may be dark and wet outside yet the rays still seep through. So, even in the winter, it will produce a decent level of electricity.

#2: Wind Power

A wind turbine is a little less accessible because it requires a lot of equipment. For starters, there is an engineer who has to keep tabs on the machinery. Then, there is a plot of land on which the turbine will go. Plus, you need the cables to connect the turbine to the main building. However, that aside, wind power is still an excellent alternative. Now that it’s autumn and winter is on the way, there is an endless supply of electricity. Also, wind power has been around for years, which means it’s further ahead than its competitors.

#3: Nitrogen Generator

Anyone who sees an ISC nitrogen generator for sale will think it’s beyond their comprehension. The title alone is too scientific! But, don’t judge a book by its cover because a nitrogen generator is surprisingly simple. The way it works is that the pressure swing separates nitrogen molecules from the air. Then, it transforms the atoms into electricity depending on the settings. Because nitrogen makes 70% of the composition of the atmosphere, it’s a truly infinite resource. Plus, modern generators can produce electricity at the cost it takes to power the device. It isn’t uncommon to see these machines in offices and factories around the country in 2017.

#4: Biomass Boiler

Boilers still have a role to play as long as they don’t burn fossil fuels. Thankfully, there are lots of alternatives in this day and age. A wood chip generator is an excellent example, although burning wood does release CO2. Instead, water or steam generators may be better options. Water is, at the moment, a renewable source of energy and doesn’t release any toxic chemicals into the air. Possible cons are the cost and the size of the boiler. However, it pays for itself in energy.

So, if you want to go green, these are the practical options to consider.


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