The Best Degree Choices for Stay at Home Moms

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Have you recently found out that you’re going to be a mom? Maybe you have already had your baby and you are busy enjoying those first few weeks together. Becoming a mom is one of the most special times in life, and it can be hard to even imagine leaving your little one for 10 minutes never mind for a full day while you go to work. This is exactly why so many women make the choice to be a stay at home mom.

Unlike decades ago where a stay at home mom meant you were giving up your career to stay at home, today’s moms have all kinds of doors open to them. They can make that choice to stay at home with their kids, while still actively pursuing their career. The idea that you can’t have it all is being torn to shreds as women show it is indeed possible to have a career and be an involved mother.

Here is a look at some of the best degree choices for those moms who have chosen to stay at home, but still want to have a career.

A Master of Financial Economics

It doesn’t matter if you’ve had previous job experience in the financial sector or not, the master of financial economics is a wonderful option as it provides many different career options. What’s great about this degree is that you can obtain it through an online master of financial economics program, meaning you can do all the work from home on a schedule that works for you. You can graduate in as little as two years, and you don’t need GRE/GMAT in order to qualify.

Some of the jobs you can get with this degree include a portfolio manager, a financial manager, an equity analyst, a financial analyst, or an investment strategist. As another tidbit of information, those with their master’s in financial economics typically earn up to 25% more than an MBA graduate in certain jobs. You could open your own business from your home deciding just how many clients you want to take on.

Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing

Marketing is a field that is absolutely exploding right now and is one that you can easily get into from home. Things such as PR reps, marketing reps, and brand strategists are all the rage, and are being hired by small, medium, and large-sized companies. If you’ve got a good eye for detail, are creative, and have excellent communication skills, this could be the path for you.

Masters in Accounting

Another option is to look into a masters in accounting. Once you have your CPA certification you can start your very own business from home taking on small clients to do their personal taxes, and companies looking after their entire financial portfolio. Those with a masters in accounting are very much in demand right now and command some rather high wages.

The Right Career Path Exists

Today, deciding to be a stay at home mom no longer means you have to sacrifice your career in return, instead you can have it all and feel fulfilled as a mother and a professional in the workforce.



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