Profiting from Your Passion


Many people hate their jobs. They get up each morning and dread going to work. Their days are filled with the same boring tasks, surrounded by people they’ve got absolutely no interest in, or worse, people they don’t get on with and make their working day difficult. They spend the whole day looking forward to leaving, and then their whole evening worried about going back. This is an all too familiar situation that many of us find ourselves in at some time in our lives.

Then, there are other people. Those that love going to work. That tell people what they do filled with pride and passion. These people get excited about doing their jobs, and go home happy, to enjoy a fulfilling, unworried home life.

The first set of people long to be in that second group. But, they can’t see how. They’d love to make money doing something that they feel passionately about. But, they are trapped. They need to work to earn money, so can’t quit. They find that depression about their jobs is affecting their home life and their relationships. They are horribly unhappy, jealous of those that enjoy their work but with no idea of how they could do the same.

If you fall into that first group of people, you need to learn how you too can profit from your passion.

Figure Out What Your Passion is

Sometimes it can be tough just figuring out what your passion is. We all have stuff we love doing or enjoy occasionally, but that’s not the same as being genuinely passionate about something. For this, you may need to go further back. Think about your hobbies and interests, but also things you’ve liked over the years and even the subjects you enjoyed at school. You don’t necessarily have to have been amazingly talented. For this part, just find your passion.

Write them down in a list. Everything you’ve ever loved doing. Then, try to imagine them as a career. Some things you can love doing, but still, hate the idea of having to do every day until you retire. You’re looking for that one thing you’d give everything else up for. That you’d be willing to put all of your time, effort and maybe even money into. That’s your passion.

Become an Expert

Now you’ve figured out what you want to do; you need to become an expert in the field.  Learn as much as you can. Look online, where you’ll find some great resources and advice. For example, if you decide you want to go into brewing, you could learn a lot about modern systems from Visit the library, and spend some time with other businesses in the industry. Learn everything that you can.

Find a Way to Turn it into a Business

Sometimes, this is easy. If you want to be a writer, you write. If you’ve got a product you want to sell, you start a store. Other times, it won’t be quite so simple. Say you feel passionate about writing and love doing it. But, you know you’re not good enough to earn big money. Then, you need to explore other options. Would your writing style suit journalism or web content instead of fiction? Could you be good at technical writing or even teaching? There are always more options.

Make a Plan

When you know what you want to do in detail, it’s time to figure out how. If you plan to get a job, you need to tidy up your CV to include relevant key skills and start applying for work. If you are starting out on your own, you need to sit down and carefully draw up a detailed business plan.

Branding and Design

If you are starting your own business, branding can be the key to your success. Creating an instantly recognisable brand gets you both noticed and taken seriously. Spend some time trying out some designs and getting advice and feedback before you settle.

Start Networking

Whether you are starting a business or trying to find work within a specific industry, the internet can be a huge help. Start building a digital presence by following and engaging with the right people on social media. Whether these turn into clients or essential connections, they could be beneficial in the future.

Just Do It

One reason many people never fully follow their passion is that they never want to take the risk. The truth is, you’ll never be completely ready to make big changes. But, you’ll never live your dream if you don’t. Stop making excuses and just do it!

Making money from your passion is something many of us dream of. Don’t just dream, get out there and make it happen today!


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