The First Steps to Opening a New Store


Opening a new store can feel like taking a leap into the unknown. Not only do key factors such as choosing the perfect location and decoration have to be taken into consideration, but you’ll also want to consider loading bays, parking for your customers and the neighbors too. 

Are you new to the retail scene? The thought of high overheads and leasing fees can be a nightmare, coupled with your cold sweats about attracting those customers through your doors. Worry not. Check out the first few steps that you should consider when getting your business off the ground.

Location, location, location

Location really is crucial when opening a new store. Don’t feel rushed into choosing an imperfect location. Check out the floor space – remember to think about extra rooms for storage, staff area and office space – these are essential for retail, and are as important as the front of house area. Have a look at the neighboring units, do they sell products that are complementary to yours? Or are they direct competition? Remember to take time out to visit the location at different times of the day or evening, you want to make sure that your chosen location is going to be secure and safe for your staff. 

Staff and shopping experience

Right from the get-go your staffing and the shopping experience you will provided are essential for your success. Your staff are the number one point of contact with your customers, and they represent you and your business, so recruit wisely: tardiness and rudeness are not acceptable. 

Keep your merchandising fresh and fun. Looking for a stylish, versatile solution? Store fixture and retail display supplier AAA Displays provide a range of options that guarantee results. Think about the lighting you will use to enhance your displays, and set the ambiance it will provide for your shop – you want your products to be seen, but you don’t want the light to be glaring and uncomfortable for your customers.

Marketing like there’s no tomorrow

Don’t be afraid of taking to social media to really tell the world what you are about. During your first few months in any new location, a successful marketing campaign will get you thoroughly noticed. From a timeless sandwich board to a super Saturday offer, don’t forget to be creative. Give your customers a reason to keep on coming back; they are bound to share the news with their family and friends if you provide a welcoming and positive experience. Make sure that your shoppers know you are here to stay right from day one, and make sure they celebrate your successes too. 

Super suppliers

Suppliers are the lifeline of your business, and as you grow, your relationship with them should too. Keeping your supplier on side is essential to helping you establish yourself in a fast paced, competitive market. Make sure you are aware of the latest trends and offers and don’t forget to make sure you show some mutual interest. Nice touches such as a gift during the festive season or a holiday hamper show that you really care about your suppliers. Be smart. Showing interest and keeping your suppliers happy could result in better business deals in the future.


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