The Bad Review: A Sure Way To Ruin Your Business


In modern business, reviews are currency. You can guarantee the majority of potential customers will head online before handing over money. And, when they do, reviews will be the first thing they come to. But, they won’t go any further if you have more than a few bad reviews. Why would they? They’ve heard it from people just like them that you aren’t worth their time.

Of course, no company can make everyone happy, all the time. There are going to be bad at least a few bad reviews. Your customers know there’s no pleasing some people. When do bad reviews get damaging? If you have more than a handful floating about out there, they hold a little more weight. Another warning sign is if all those reviews make similar accusations. This will show customers that these aren’t just people wanting a moan, but genuine grievances. And, that’ll lead to lost custom in no time.

So, what can you do to ensure bad reviews don’t happen? For one, you can avoid the following three red-areas.

Bad customer service

The most common cause of negative reviews is bad customer service. Consumerism may have changed in recent years, but we all still value decent service. If you or your employees fail to provide it, the bad reviews will come rolling. Bear in mind that you need to consider the large and the small here. You need to provide knowledgeable service. As such, you should invest in staff training as much as possible. But, little things also count, like a smile and a friendly demeanor. A lot of the time, all it takes to seal bad reviews is a slightly brisk staff manner. So, make sure you’re all happy campers!


If negligence cases crop up in your history, you can be sure business will drop it like its hot. Some things stick, and negligence is definitely one of them. If a customer receives an injury in your store, or from your product, you’ll struggle to shake the negative backlash. If a case is severe enough to warrant a customer employing service of a Derrick law firm personal injury attorney, or any other representation, you’re in big trouble. Indeed, if that news leaks into your reviews, you can kiss goodbye to success. Make sure it doesn’t happen by keeping your physical space as safe as possible, and safety testing products rigorously.

Failing products

Above all, customers head to reviews to see if your product is worth their money. So, countless reviews stating that your goods don’t work are sure to send them away. You can be sure that aggrieved customers will want the world to know about your shoddy products. Of course, avoiding this is easy enough. You just have to ensure your product provides the services you claim. That means more testing, and taking time over manufacturing processes. You should also aim to develop and improve products at every turn. And, you should test and test again on each change you make!


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