How Instagram Can Make You Money


Nowadays, more and more people are making use of Instagram. This is a simple picture and video sharing app that allows individuals to document their lives online and share their goings-on with the world at large. But where there’s attention there’s always a way to make money, so various savvy individuals, from celebrities to non-celebrities, have used this platform as a way to establish themselves as a kind of brand. They sell their lifestyle and cash in from the attention given to them through followers by advertising goods in their feeds. However, while success stories of individuals are commonly documented, the ways in which small businesses can greatly benefit from Instagram is largely overlooked. So, let’s take a moment to look at just a few of the ways that Instagram can help your small business to make significant amounts of money!

Establishing Your Brand

You should start out by setting up a business page for your brand on Instagram. This gives you a space in which you can display your products and wares. By posting photos of a similar aesthetic in your feed, you can easily establish a brand image and start to draw attention from other Instagram users who identify with said aesthetic and want to associate themselves with it. While it may be a relatively slow process when you’re starting up (everyone starts out with 0 followers and minimal likes), you can slowly amass a following which could eventually reach into the thousands, tens of thousands, or even more. You can buy Instagram likes to get the ball rolling until you gain legitimate followers who will boost this figures for free.


Once you’ve set up a page for your business, you can also use Instagram as an active means of advertising. Your first option is to purchase advertising space from Instagram directly. You will supply them with an image, a caption, and a link to your page. Then they will do the work of spreading it through other users’ timelines. This means that whether individuals follow you or not, you can expose them to your posts and products and give them an easy way of reaching your page. A second option is to collaborate with the successful individuals mentioned above. These people will have astounding numbers of followers and can post recommendations for your products. Their followers are likely to then look further into the product and purchase it themselves. Different individuals will set different prices for advertising products on your behalf, but generally speaking it is worth the investment.

It’s time to stop considering Instagram an entirely personal app. As you can see, you can easily incorporate it into your business as a valuable tool for exposure, advertising, and building profit too!


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