Hitting the Books – The Holistic Benefits of Updating Your Bookkeeping


The term “holistic” has become a buzzword lately, especially in the field of health and wellness. Relating to an approach of the whole, whether it be the whole body (mind/body/spirit) or in this case, the whole business, there are lessons to be learned from stepping back and looking at the entire picture.

Using specialised accounting software is the best way to understand the larger financial picture within your business as well as keep track of inventory, organise records, and streamline payroll services.

Keep reading below to learn more about the benefits of updating your bookkeeping.

Cloud Services

Gone are the days of sitting at a desk for all your work. With cloud-based accounting systems, you can utilise the system anytime, anywhere, on any mobile device. Customers need and expect ‘round the clock service and advice. Now you have all of the information available at your fingertips with a mobile phone application.

The cloud is also a very secure way to store business information. Users can be employees at the office or working remotely, but all with the same access to the main software to add invoices, make changes to payroll, or keep track of inventory. With a cloud-based system, you get the convenience of saving money and work hours with an easy to use platform.

Broad View of Your Business

Accounting software was made to help business owners and employees manage a multitude of tasks without spending hours and hours on data entry and reports. The system is designed to be user-friendly and easy to understand for even the least computer-literate person. Access a plethora of financial reports to know exactly which areas need more attention and which areas are already doing well.

Upgrading a bookkeeping system is a painless and short process. Merely upgrade your current system, or ask your accountant for recommendations when switching to a different company. The system should have automatic upgrades, allow for multi-user sign-ins, and real-time updates. Reports can be generated for all categories, including incoming and outgoing expenditures, business expenses, payroll taxes, and more. These reports are vital to the broader financial picture of your business.

With financial reports, you can also make projections for future developments and profit margin estimates. A business without financial reports is like a ship lost at sea. There is no direction, no understanding of the path to take. Reports and balance sheets that are kept up to date will give a clear and accurate picture of the health (or sickness) in your business. Make sure you have current software to maintain the projections and correct tools to succeed.

Keep Track of Changes

Change constantly occurs with tax laws, new regulations, and compliance requirements. With an up-to-date accounting software system, all of those changes can be adjusted without hassle or worry. Instead of worrying about if your business is compliant with taxes and payroll, you can focus on guiding the business in the right direction.

It is a delicate balance when running any business. Being able to focus on what is important and allowing for the systems in place to do their work is the mark of a successful businessperson. Delegating tasks can be difficult, but is necessary in order for a business to thrive. There are many great software options to choose from that can keep your business running smoothly.

Take a Holistic Approach to Your Business

In business, a holistic approach means to look at the entire business with all of its parts together. Each part must work to benefit the whole. An accounting software system is a large part of this process and may require more training and energy to get the system successfully in place but the efforts will be worth it in the end.


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