The Four Customers of Startup Entrepreneurs



Every startup entrepreneur has four important customers. Without one of these four customers being taken care of and appreciated, it is very hard to build a successful business. How well do you understand and take care of these four customers? Please comment and share.

Valuetainment Weekly Episode #65

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Patrick Bet-David Knows How To Get A Meeting With Any CEO

male brown shoes

Meeting with important people can be challenging because we’re all so busy. This creative method will “get your foot in the door” at any company and with any CEO.


  1. Make a list of people to use the method on
  2. Get a box
  3. Put one shoe in the box
  4. Write a handwritten letter to the person (Watch the video for template)


  1. No stilettos.
  2. No smelly shoes
  3. No cologne

Watch the video above for more on how this method will work no matter who you’re trying to see.