Turning Travel Into A Startup? Here’s How It’s Done


The travel sector offers some of the most profitable business ideas. Since the 1930s, travel has been perceived as an increasingly popular hobby. But it’s the Millennials who have given it back its golden glory. Indeed, young adults have a great interest in investing in experiences instead of materialistic belongings. As a result, the appeal of the travel industry is slowly switching from low-cost beach holidays to out of the ordinary trips. But there is more to the experience of travel than just the discovery of a new culture or location. Sometimes, you can transform the trip into an explorative adventure too. And here is how you can turn travel into a profitable startup idea.

On the entrepreneur road

It’s easy to imagine the visa and packed luggage when you’re thinking of a travel journey. But you can keep the concept of a journey from A to Z and apply it to a new environment. For instance, the Tennessee Startup Bus doesn’t take you on holiday. Instead it brings entrepreneurs together to help them to brainstorm ideas freely and effectively. Through the journey on the bus, pitching teams exchange opinions and reconquered lost hope until they can meet with a mentor and discuss the logistics of their new ideas. It’s the road to entrepreneurship, and it’s probably the best way to maximize your business strategy.

Sleeping on water

If you’ve been looking for a great hotel idea, you need to try the Hotel CPH in Copenhagen. The converted freight boat offers no less than 12 stylish rooms to its guests, with a beautiful view of the city and a quiet and peaceful night on the water. It’s not a cruising boat, so you can be sure that your hotel stays in the harbor all night long. But it’s an exciting way of spending a night. Admittedly, if you’re considering opening a boat hotel chain, you might need to invest in fleet management software options to keep up with the necessary maintenance work and move the boat when necessary to another spot in the harbor. But ultimately, you need to manage your reception hours accordingly, as it’s tricky for a boat to stay open 24/7!

Respond to the solo travel trend

More and more travelers are happy to explore the world on their own. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t need the same comfort and care than families or couples! The rise of solo travelers coincides with new offerings. Safety is a major concern, and consequently, if you want to attract this audience, you need to provide safe formulas with guided groups or specific hotels that are friendly to single women, for example. Additionally, there is a need to develop discounts for solo holidaymakers too.

Hop in for Hogwarts

Finally, many travelers just want to enjoy a magical experience. That’s why many choose luxury trains to live the Orient-Express dream. You can travel from London to Venice or from Moscow to Vladivostok to discover a world of railway extravaganza. If you don’t have enough time for the 2-week trip through Russia, try the Jacobite line across Scotland, which is the train used in the Harry Potter’s films.  

The travel industry offers many advantages. From planning luxury rail journeys to transforming a bus tour into a brainstorming session, there’s a lot that you can do with the right business mind.

EP 38: Michael Prywes On Entertainment Law & Protecting Media Startups

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In this great episode, Michael Prywes talks about his transition from being a movie producer to an attorney for startups, and shares insight on how media startups and artists can protect themselves.

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