EP43:Gust.com Founder David S. Rose Shares How He Became A Super Angel Investor

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You don’t want to miss this episode. Super angel investor David S. Rose shares how he became successful, how Gust.com is part of 80% of angel investments around the world, how to raise capital and what it takes to be successful.

EP 36: TEDex Speaker Tom Hunt Talks Using Virtual Assistants To Improve Productivity

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TEDex speaker Tom Hunt tells his story of going from the corporate world to selling leggings for me, to launching a startup that helps entrepreneurs maximize their time.

EP 28: Angel Investor Ivan Raiklin Talks Sharing Economy

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In this episode I have a great conversation with former green beret now angel investor Ivan Raiklin about why he started investing in sharing economy startups. We talk about their potential impact on the economy, different ways to gain traction, and he shares insights into how to rapidly expand your knowledge as a startup founder.

Music City Gets a Music Accelerator

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In this episode of Serious Startups, we get hyperlocal and talk about the new music accelerator coming to Nashville.

I loved this discussion because with Kane so deep into the music business, he had some great insights into why Project Music will be a great asset to Nashville–or perhaps another stumbling block?

There’s so much going on in Nashville these days. Everywhere you look there are more cranes and buildings and “Now Hiring” signs. If you haven’t been to Nashville before–and have an idea for a music business startup–make sure you apply to Project Music. The mentorship and investment could be game changing for you and your startup.

Serious Startups: The Nashville NEXT Awards

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We’re really excited for our friends featured in the NEXT Awards, hosted by the Nashville Chamber of Commerce and the Entrepreneur Center. There are some great companies and entrepreneurs up for awards this year.

But, is the fact that we even have an awards ceremony one of the warning signs of a bubble? I think so. What about you?

When to Quit Your Startup

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Everyone on the Serious Startups panel has had to make the decision to quit before. And we’re all involved in ventures now that we sometimes wonder if we should walk away from.

Kane, David, and I have slightly different thoughts on how you know when to quit your startup. Check out the video and let us know what you think @seriousstartups.

The Secret Rules of Startups

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Serious Startups : Unwritten Rules of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs are notoriously famous for breaking the rules. But, with startup culture going mainstream, there are a lot of unwritten “rules.” For example, “Thou shalt always be ‘killing it.'”

Check out the video above as the Serious Startups team educates Kane Harrison on all the ways he’s rebelling against startup norms.

Even Startup Founders Have Bills To Pay

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Serious Startups : Staying Afloat

We all like to pretend we’re “all in” with our startup, but let’s be honest. We have to pay bills, just like everyone else.

David and I talk about how we do it and give some advice on making it happen without getting stuck in a rut. What do you do to make ends meet while chasing the dream?

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