Startup Interview: Meshin’s CEO Chris Holmes, Plus You Could Win An iPad!

Most app developers and development companies have been going to iOS before the Android platform. Trends are showing that’s starting to change. One of the companies that has released to Android before iPhone is Meshin.

Meshin’s co-founder Kristen Galliani explained to that Apple doesn’t allow apps to call into other apps, that was one of the main reasons they needed the more open architecture of Android to build Meshin, an email and message aggregator, and Meshin Recall. Meshin Recall syncs with Evernote and helps organize your notes by using dates from your calendar. There is a lot more in store for Meshin Recall. The Meshin team is on the tip of the iceberg of the contextual intelligence space.

Meshin is about to unveil their Meshin Recall product for iOS and they are currently looking for Beta Testers to sign up. If you sign up for the iOS beta and refer the most people you could win one of those flash “New iPads” go here to do that.

Meshin came out of the Palo Alto Research Center with their biggest chunk of funding coming from Xerox (remember that little company that makes copiers and fathered the Mac?). PARC needed someone to bring Meshin to life and that someone is Chris Holmes.

With more than 25 years in the tech start up arena and some huge accomplishments under his belt he was the perfect fit.

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PARC Hosting Context Event: The Context Challenge and opportunities

(photo: flickr Ferran Rodenas)

Our good friends at Meshin tweeted about an event happening at PARC (Paolo Alto Research Center) on Thursday revolving around context. Something the folks at Meshin know well. If you’re not familiar with Meshin they are doing some incredible things with semantics and context and revolving it around Evernote. Their Meshin Recall app allows you to organize notes and tag them to your calendar rather than sort them out with hashtags which get easily as messy as not having tags at all.

It’s this context that Meshin uses to relate your notes to something that is fueling this panel discussion with some thought leaders in the context space. If you’re in the Paolo Alto area you may want to attend this great discussion. The event runs from 5:00pm to 6:30 with networking from 6:00-6:30 and will be moderated by social media guru Dave Peck.


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