Ballistic Unveils New Rugged “Shell Gel Maxx” Cases For The Samsung Galaxy S III

The Samsung Galaxy S III is quickly turning into the most popular Android phone in the world. This follow up to the highly popular Galaxy S II and original Galaxy S III has features that every Android enthusiast (and some iPhone enthusiasts) have been dreaming about. It’s also a  pretty expensive piece of hardware if it’s not subsidized. So now you need a case worthy of holding the precious Galaxy S III. That case is the new Shell Gel Maxx from Ballistic Cases.

Ballistic Shell Gel Maxx,Samsung Galaxy S III, Otterbox, Samsung Galaxy S III Case,Mobile,GearThe Shell Gel Maxx provides maximum protection without the immense bulk of a case like the Otterbox. Not only is your Samsung Galaxy S III going to be protected from corner to corner but Ballistic has revolutionized the screen protection on the case as well. Rather than having a thin overlay film cover like an Otterbox case Ballistic has equipped that Shell Gel Maxx with a molded screen protector.

The Ballistic Shell Gel (SG) Maxx is a beefed up version of the original Shell Gel. Similar to the original, this case integrates an outermost layer, which is made of soft rubber (TPU) for shock absorption, a second layer which is crafted with impact resistant polycarbonate, and a third layer built with soft outer TPU. The Maxx collection, however, “ups the ante” by incorporating stronger corners for increased drop protection, a horizontal holster, and integrated port covers.

The Ballistic Shell Gel Maxx is available now for the Samsung Galaxy S III and coming soon for the iPhone 4/4S. You can get one today by clicking here.


Grads & Dads Griffin Has Your New iPad Covered With The Survivor Case

If you’re a musician you probably know the name Griffin, they’ve been synonymous with musical accessories for years. However, for the last few years they’ve also released numerous cell phone, and tablet accessories. While they have cases, covers, and stands they also have mobile device controlled helicopters, and musical accessories for your iPad and iPhone.

Griffin’s Survivor Series cases are the only cases that are certified for military duty. The Survivor series case for the new iPad offers three layers of protection.

The case protects against drops, cracks and breaks but it also protects your new iPad from water damage, dust, and other atmospheric and environmental issues that can damage your iPad. If you’re a true die hard iPad user, and it manages your life, and isn’t just a once in a while toy, then you need this case.

Other cases claim to be military compliant however, as Griffin told us in the video below, Griffin and the survivor series cases are the only cases that are certified, military compliant.

The case adds a little bulk to your iPad but it’s an investment worth protecting. The Survivor case is a must have for your college, or real life bound graduate. Even dad will benefit from the piece of mind offered by the survivor series case which can be found here.