Interview: is the Marketplace for Products Successful in Crowdfunding

Outgrow-me-logo is one of those startups that we came across and I immediately thought to myself.  They are on to something.  What is  Are you familiar with kickstarter or indiegogo – have you heard of projects that have Have you ever wondered what happened to that kickstarter or indiegogo project that you heard about weeks or months ago?  Where did              project end up?  Is it possible to find the High Roller Adult Big Wheel or the Pebble after the hype has died down?  What option follows a successful crowdfunding campaign?

Those questions are finally being answered with  It’s the solution that was just waiting to be created.  We talked to Sam Fellig the founder of outgrow me read below.


What is

“ is an online marketplace for successfully crowdfunded projects.”

In layman’s terms, how does it work?

“ picks up where the crowdfunding platforms leave off. It’s a marketplace for successfully crowdfunded projects from all over the web. offers product designers the ability to further grow their brand by marketing their products to a growing community of shoppers that support innovation, creativity, and small businesses. On the flip side, offers shoppers a unique shopping experience filled with highly innovative and creative products supported by the online community.”

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Chicago Startup Flux Headphones Say They’ve Solved The Tangle Problem, Need Help On Fundable

Flux headphones,,Chicago startup,startup,startups,headphones,crowdfunding startupsFundable, the new crowd funding its, has some really cool projects on it right now. One of those is the Chicago startup Flux Headphones.  Flux headphones was founded by Matt Scandora and Jatana Srain.

Scandora and Srain had a problem that millions of people face and that’s the tangled mess that earbuds become when thrown in a pocket, pocketbook, backpack or anywhere else when not in use. While their are products on the market like the flat corded Jays headphones that do a great job of staying untangled Flux Headphones address the problem in a different way.

The Flux Headphones have little magnets in the cords that let both cords stay stuck together and untangled, and then you can simply wrap them around your arm when you’re not using them. You can also opt to put them around your neck, in your pocket, heck you can attach them to the fridge or any other magnetic surface if you want. Scandora and Srain are aware of the competition out there, but they’re right no one solves the problem so easily or quite like this.  When you take them out and are ready to use them they unfold to their normal earbud wearing position.

The other great part about the magnetic design is that they allow you to adjust the length of the cord to where you want it and then it stays there. For instance if you’re using an armband to hold your music player or iPhone you can make the cord shorter utilizing the magnets and then voila the extra cord isn’t hanging off the bottom and doesn’t look messy.

Here are the tech specs:

Tech Specs:

  • Impedance: 16 Ohms
  • Frequency response: 17Hz – 22,000Hz
  • Speaker : 15mm
  • Plug: 3.5mm
  • Headphone cable length: 120cm
  • Sensitivity:114 db

So you’re getting a great quality headphone. Flux Headphoens will come in two varieties, in-ear earbuds and traditional earbuds.

Scandora tells that their manufacturer is ready to go they just need the funds to move forward. That’s why they’ve resorted to the new crowdfunding site In addition Scandora says that Fundable’s founders Wil Schroeter and Eric Cori have been great mentors to Flux.

At the time of this writing Flux has raised over $5600 of the $45,000 they are looking for and have 37 days to go.


Check out the Flux Headphones here at

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Ballistic Unveils New Rugged “Shell Gel Maxx” Cases For The Samsung Galaxy S III

The Samsung Galaxy S III is quickly turning into the most popular Android phone in the world. This follow up to the highly popular Galaxy S II and original Galaxy S III has features that every Android enthusiast (and some iPhone enthusiasts) have been dreaming about. It’s also a  pretty expensive piece of hardware if it’s not subsidized. So now you need a case worthy of holding the precious Galaxy S III. That case is the new Shell Gel Maxx from Ballistic Cases.

Ballistic Shell Gel Maxx,Samsung Galaxy S III, Otterbox, Samsung Galaxy S III Case,Mobile,GearThe Shell Gel Maxx provides maximum protection without the immense bulk of a case like the Otterbox. Not only is your Samsung Galaxy S III going to be protected from corner to corner but Ballistic has revolutionized the screen protection on the case as well. Rather than having a thin overlay film cover like an Otterbox case Ballistic has equipped that Shell Gel Maxx with a molded screen protector.

The Ballistic Shell Gel (SG) Maxx is a beefed up version of the original Shell Gel. Similar to the original, this case integrates an outermost layer, which is made of soft rubber (TPU) for shock absorption, a second layer which is crafted with impact resistant polycarbonate, and a third layer built with soft outer TPU. The Maxx collection, however, “ups the ante” by incorporating stronger corners for increased drop protection, a horizontal holster, and integrated port covers.

The Ballistic Shell Gel Maxx is available now for the Samsung Galaxy S III and coming soon for the iPhone 4/4S. You can get one today by clicking here.


Booq Introduces Zipperless “Viper” Case For Macbook Air

Macbook Air,Booq,Booq Viper Case, Macbook Air case, laptop cases,Booq, a manufacturer of high end backpacks, laptop cases, and other gadget holding devices aimed at the tech enthusiast has done it again, combining form with function.  Taking a cue from the magnetic cases of iPads, available since the iPad 2, Booq has come up with the all new Viper case for the Macbook Air.

The Viper case securely holds your Macbook in the sleeve without the use of velcro, buttons or zippers. With the Macbook air firmly in place at the bottom of the pouch like sleeve the top locks with a magnet. No worries the small, yet forceful magnet, won’t damage your computer or the contents on it’s hard drive..We asked.

“The MacBook Air is a beautiful, well-designed device,” says Thorsten Trotzenberg, Founder & CEO of Booq LLC. “There is no reason to add weight and unnecessary bulk to your MacBook Air. A sleeve should provide enough protection for everyday use, but still be slim and sleek, making it just as at home in a laptop bag as it is on its own . Viper sleeve keeps a low profile, makes zipper scratches non-existent, and the natural fiber style looks good from the coffee shop to the boardroom.”

The Viper features include:

  • Snug fit with hassle-free zipper-less magnetic      closure
  • Made from natural fiber
  • Fits 11 and 13-inch MacBook Air
  • Available in sand, gray, black and purple

The case is available now direct from Booq here and at other electronics retailers


New Gear: Satechi Introduces Amazing New 10,00mah Portable Energy Station


Satechi, a San Diego manufacturer of sleek looking, useful accessories has introduced one bad ass portable battery charger.

For most tech people, gadget geeks and early adopters, long gone are the days where one simple little portable charger will work. Juice Packs, and Power Skins are great for the average user but for people like us we need power, and lots of it.

We always travel with a PowerBag and some other big charging apparatus.

Satechi has found a way to answer that need while keeping a sleek design, something that they are known for, form and function.

The Satechi Power Station is a 10,000mah portable battery. Not only is it well designed from a style perspective but for function as well.

Satechi has included the traditional 1amp outlet but also the more powerful 2 amp outlet which means YES your tablet or iPad can charge as well.

At just under 6oz and only 5.5″ long the Satechi Power Station isn’t too big or too heavy.


For more info or to buy one click here

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a-Jays One+ EarBuds Ridiculous Sound, Even More Ridiculous Packaging

This would be the review that you’ve been looking for. If you’ve met me or seen me in the last six months, since CES 2012 in Las vegas I’ve probably told you about the most amazing pair of earbuds I’ve ever heard, the a-Jays One+ ear buds.

The earbuds are great and I am NOT an earbuds guy. I am a Sony MDR-7506 lover and I also have a pair of over the ear headphones that I love from House of Marley.  However one pair of earbuds were going to change me into an earbud believer. Those earbuds would be the a-Jays One+ EarBuds.

Boy was I happy when I received an overnight from the office at the hotel I am staying at with the a-Jays One+ earbuds in them.

Here’s why you’re not seeing that review though. It’s the worst ever consumer packaging in the world. In over 10 years of having some sort of position involving researching or reviewing consumer electronic products and accessories I’ve never seen packaging as bad as this. Heck the boys who used to rip off Sam Goody in my High School to get cassettes had better luck cracking open the theft deterrent system.

At first I followed the instructions explicitly pushing the button that was behind the little round sticker.

To no avail.

I then borrowed a pair of scissors from the front desk.  Nope didn’t work out

Next I tried a flat head screw driver. Still nothing

Then I tried I gigantic steak knife trying to both pry the packaging open and then slicing through it, still no avail.

The last thing I tried was to light the mother f*cking packaging on fire… Still to no avail.  I guess they had their packaging made by the same people who make Otter Boxes and Griffin Survivor series cases.. I can’t imagine the frustration that actual customers will experience with this crazy packaging.

One things for sure Im going to get these B*tches open to do the review at some point because they are indeed the best sounding earbuds I’ve ever heard, and then, I’m going to store my iPhone in the packaging.. move over Otterbox.

Normally we only let Brent set things on fire.

Florida Startup: Bellco’s Ion Air Mouse Computer Glove Preparing For Holidays

This is going to be a great holiday season. We are expecting to see new Retina display MacBooks introduced this week at WWDC, there will be a ton more ultra books and of course traditional PC laptops. In anticipation of that, a hot new startup from Central Florida called Bellco, will also see stock piles of their Ion Air Mouse Computer Glove, hopefully fly off the shelf.

Now that smartphone adoption has come to record heights, and tablets are flying off the shelves as well, people are growing more and more accustom to using their fingers for navigation. Sure you can do it on a track pad but it’s not the same familiarity as your tablet or smartphone screen.

I’m sure I’m not the only one that has tried to swipe across the screen of their MacBook Pro. (see you laughed) that’s where the Ion Air Mouse Computer Glove comes in.  It’s a glove that fits around your hand snuggly, has a comfortable charging port (via micro usb) and a wireless dongle that attaches to any computer.

Once the glove is on you can use it your hand/finger as your pointing device. Admittedly it’s still not the same as the gestures that you’re used to with your smartphone but it’s effective. The glove also leaves your fingertips free for typing.

Now not only is it an effective peripheral but it’s also effectively priced. While the new startup behind the Ion Air Mouse Computer Glove, Bellco, could probably get away with selling it in the high $100 range, it comes in at just $79.99 making it priced the same as some of the more serious mice available today.

Bellco reports that the glove comes in gray and black and works with Windows, Linux,Mac and Android. Bellco encourages users to try it by setting up your computer via HDMI to a big tv for a “Wow” worth of experience.


Itching to know more about it, go to their website here

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Exclusive: Hands On With Nyko PlayPad Pro

Nyko, the brand known for its third party controller for consols such as the XBox360, Play Station 3 and Wii is coming to Android with its PlayPad Pro which we got a hands on with at e3. From someone who doesn’t game any more, The PlayPad Pro won me over as a must have accessory to play games on my Android tablet. The controller, looks to be based upon the Xbox360 one pairs to your Android tablet running 3.0 and newer via Bluetooth.

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CM4 Has The Ultimate Case For Dads & Grads With iPhone 4 & 4s

A premium accessory manufacturer in Austin Texas has come up with the ultimate case for people on the go with an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s. It’s the perfect gift for any dad or grad with an iPhone.

The Q-Card case houses the iPhone in a protective silicone case, protecting it from bumps and bruises. At the same time it has a tight fitting card carrying pocket on the back side of the case. This pocket is perfect for dads who have business cards to hand out at events. It’s also perfect for grads that are looking for a case to hold their license and their debit cards.

For dads the case comes in a very executive looking black finish. It almost looks like a hybrid between a wallet and a phone case.

For grads that need a little more style, CM4, the creator of the Q-Card case has just announced new colors. The Q-Card case is now available in Pink Sapphire, Pacific Green, and Pearl White.

The sleek, streamlined Q Card Case matches the essentials of a wallet with the modern elegance and efficient utility of the iPhone 4/4S. The Q Card Case employs a patent-pending construction that provides comfortable and easy pocket or purse removal.  Natural Throw™ buttons compliment the phone’s tactile response to maintain an organic connection with your phone. The case also comes with a protective Screen Guard™ to ensure the screen looks pristine even with every day wear and tear.

“We’re excited to release these new colors that our fans have been anticipating,” said Matt Altschul, president and CEO of CM4. “The case delivers protection, comfort, convenience, and style in one eye-catching package.”

If you want to get one, head on over to CM4 here

Dads & Grads Gift Idea: Satechi Premium Aluminum USB Hubs

Whether you’re getting your high school graduate a MacBook Air for college or your dad has a MacBook pro, one of the things Mac is known for is the lack of usb ports on their laptops. Satechi solves that problem with their new Premium Aluminum USB 2.0 and 3.0 hubs.

Satechi not only allows the user to connect their computer to up to four more USB 2.0 or 3.0 devices, but they keep the stylish look of the Macbook series of laptops in mind with their brushed aluminum appearance. The USB hubs by Satechi don’t look like a mess of tangled up USB cords and just another peripheral, they look like they were meant to go with the MacBook (and yes ultra books and PC laptops as well)

The Satechi Premium Aluminum 2.0 4-Port USB Hub is the perfect companion to any Mac user’s computer.  The shiny and sleek design features an aluminum finish and white cable complimenting the Apple aesthetic.  The Premium Aluminum 2.0 4-Port USB Hub features a compact, strip-shape design taking up little desktop space and allowing for maximum portability.

The slim and convenient Satechi 3.0 4-Port USB Hub supports up to four additional USB devices at up to 10x faster speeds than USB 2.0.  Similar to the Satechi Premium Aluminum 2.0 4-Port USB Hub, the 3.0 4-Port USB Hub boasts a thin and portable design.

You can find the Satechi Premium Aluminum 2.0 hub here

You can find the Satechi 3.0 4 port USB hub here


Gifts For Grads & Dads, Aviiq’s 2nd Generation Portable Charging Station

If your dad or grad does a lot of traveling or is always on the go, Aviiq has one of the best accessories ever made, especially if that grad or dad has a lot of portable devices.

The second generation Aviiq Portable Charging Station is a nice travel bag sized case with a charging system and wire rack that can charge up to 4 USB devices using only one outlet port. It’s perfect for the hotel room, the dorm room or the lunch room.

“We created AViiQ after experiencing much frustration by the lack of portable travel solutions, and tangled or misplaced cables were one of the biggest headaches,” said Alan Yeung, Co-Founder of AViiQ.  “We all travel with multiple electronic devices and the new Portable Charging Station with Cable Rack System gives users an easy way of storing and organizing cables, and charging multiple devices at the same time.”

Aviiq didn’t just throw together a USB hub for charging, they’ve also taken into consideration that most phones can charge off a 5watt USB source while Android tablets and iPads require a 10watt charge. Both are available in one easy to use, easy to carry case.

Everything folds up nicely in it’s own zipper bag that’s available in a variety of styles. They run for about $79.99 but when you think about the headaches and extra cords that you’re going to shed, it’s definitely worth the investment.

For more information visit this site

Massachusetts Startup: iCache Releases Digital Wallet For iPhone

So far the only true NFC product available to smartphone users is Google Wallet. ISIS, the collaborative effort by AT&T, Verizon Wirless and T-Mobile is slated for a launch sometime this summer. However, Friday, iCache, a Massachusetts based mobile payment startup has released their GeoCard and iCache Geode Wallet.

This $200 accessory is part iPhone case, part card reader, part biometric security system and a whole lot of mobile wallet.

By now we have all realized that bar code scanning on a mobile phone is hit or miss, and anyone who has tried NFC has probably experienced that blank stare from the cashier like you just did the latest human chopping trick from David Copperfield’s arsenal before their very eyes.

Whether Google wants to admit it or not, we are still way ahead of the NFC curve and even further ahead of the NFC revolution.

In the meantime the folks at iCache have figured out safety, security and convenience with the Geode Wallet and GeoCard. The wallet supports all barcode based loyalty and reward cards and all magnetic stripe based credit cards.

For credit cards you simply use the enclosed credit card reader to extract your information to your phone. Then, when you want to use any of your credit cards, you select which one you want to use and it loads that cards info onto your Geode Card which is a rewritable magnetic stripe card. You have one card now, that’s safely and easily stored in the phone case that rewrites your info super quickly and securely onto your Geode Card.

What about safety and security?

The only way you can access the Geode Card on your wallet app is after use inning on using your finger print. Yes, iCache has included a biometric finger print reader. Only after your fingerprint is deleted can you access the wallet and the ability to rite write onto the rewritable card.

As for loyalty cards, they are just as easy. Simply take a picture of every barcode reward and loyalty card you’ve got and it captures the card information. Add a few notes if you would like and you’re ready to roll.

iCache already knows that barcodes are hit or miss on a smartphone or even iPhone screen with retina display, that’s why they’ve included an e-ink display on the back of the case which makes the barcodes as easy to read as on the cards themselves.

Now I know you’re thinking that $199 is a lot for any accessory but now that you really can leave the wallet at home, and it’s super secure, it’s worth every penny. iCache leaves no stone unturned.

Just don’t lose your phone.

Check it out for yourself at

Grads & Dads Gift Idea: Griffin Studio Connect For iPad

By now most owners of any version of the iPad are well aware of their robust music features. Starting with the iPad 2 Apple added a portable, iPad version of their hit music production software “Garage Band” that is nearly as feature rich, and much more portable, then the desktop/macbook version.

With the Griffin Studio Connect you can connect your iPad to midi-devices, musical instruments and microphones with a 1/4 inch standard output, and even output the iPad using a stereo RCA cord.

Not only that but the Griffin Studio Connect Dock also charges the iPad while allowing you to pass midi right through it to Garage Band and other third party apps. Long gone are the days of removable media multi trackers. Move over Tascam, coupling the Griffin Studio Connect to the iPad is an entirely new recording experience.

For Midi the Studio Connect supports MIDI in and MIDI out so you can use your iPad as a MIDI controller.

The 1/4 inch input allows you to connect any musical instrument (or microphone) into the iPad. It also features a 3.5mm stereo jack with dedicated gain control as well as a 3.5mm output jack and stereo RCA line level outs.  There’s also a separate volume control for the front panel, stereo headphone jack.

You can create musical master pieces, beats and even hook up some DJ rigs directly for recording to the iPad.

The Studio Connect won a best of show in the i-Lounge at CES 2012 in Las Vegas. It’s the perfect gift for that music playing grad, or dad on your shopping list this month.

Find out more or buy it direct from Griffin, here.

Grads & Dads Griffin Has Your New iPad Covered With The Survivor Case

If you’re a musician you probably know the name Griffin, they’ve been synonymous with musical accessories for years. However, for the last few years they’ve also released numerous cell phone, and tablet accessories. While they have cases, covers, and stands they also have mobile device controlled helicopters, and musical accessories for your iPad and iPhone.

Griffin’s Survivor Series cases are the only cases that are certified for military duty. The Survivor series case for the new iPad offers three layers of protection.

The case protects against drops, cracks and breaks but it also protects your new iPad from water damage, dust, and other atmospheric and environmental issues that can damage your iPad. If you’re a true die hard iPad user, and it manages your life, and isn’t just a once in a while toy, then you need this case.

Other cases claim to be military compliant however, as Griffin told us in the video below, Griffin and the survivor series cases are the only cases that are certified, military compliant.

The case adds a little bulk to your iPad but it’s an investment worth protecting. The Survivor case is a must have for your college, or real life bound graduate. Even dad will benefit from the piece of mind offered by the survivor series case which can be found here.