4 Interesting Startup Ideas Destined For Success


Sometimes, it can be hard to come up with a business idea. You want to start a company, but you can’t find the inspiration. Well, today’s your lucky day because I’ve got four startup ideas that are destined for success:

Start An Arcade

Gaming is a big industry these days, as people love to play games in their spare time, on the phone, computer or even going out to play some arcade games. Of course the concept of the arcade is rapidly changing, but still exists and is growing in new formats.  Gambling is also popular; from daily fantasy sports to traditional casino games. They love the thrill of trying to win money. So, why not take advantage of this popular industry and start a little arcade?

You can set up an arcade and include lots of video games, and depending on your location also looking at casino games. This way, you cater to different audiences. Younger children and teens can come in and spend their money playing your video games, and appeal to an older audience through access to the betting machines and games where they can win money.

The key to making money from this business venture is to have all the necessary equipment. You want popular arcade games from now and from the past. People will love to play a retro Pacman game! And, think about the gambling games, roulette arcade games are very popular. It’s a good idea to look for suppliers of the gaming units and try and get them in your arcade. Also, there are some tricks to the trade of running a successful arcade.

One of those tricks revolves around tokens. When someone plays a game, they get tokens as a reward. Collect enough tokens and they can exchange them for prizes. It’s a foolproof way of persuading people to keep on putting their money into the machine and playing the game. Of course, you’ll have to make sure no one cheats and claims they have more tokens than they actually do. There are plenty of products for counting tokens out there, and they’ll come in handy. They’ll ensure no one cheats and slips in fake tokens to exchange for prizes.


Open A Yoga Studio

In general, health & fitness is a huge industry. I’ve found that it’s been growing and growing in the last few years. And, it looks like it will continue to grow. People want to stay fit and be healthy, and there are plenty of ways to make money off of that.

One of the best health & fitness business ideas is starting a yoga studio. A place where you will run yoga classes and teach people. Yoga is a massive craze, people of all ages and genders like it. It’s for this reason that it’s a great idea. You have a diverse market to appeal to; you aren’t restricted to a certain market. There’s even yoga for elderly people to take part in too!

To run a successful yoga business, you need a few things. The first is somewhere to hold your classes. You could hire out a sports hall from a local school, or find a place of your own. Some people have bought office space and converted it into a yoga studio. Having your own studio is better than hiring because you’re not restricted in any way. Secondly, you need a range of yoga equipment. Comfy mats, blocks to help beginners, that type of thing. Thirdly, you need to be a qualified yoga instructor. This may seem like a big task, but it’s not that difficult to achieve this. Some people can get the qualification in a couple of months. It’s worth putting the effort into getting this qualification because you can make some serious money from a yoga studio.


Start A Cafe/Restaurant

You may have noticed that quite a few high street shops are closing down. And, in their place, a restaurant or cafe is popping up. Cafes/restaurants are a highly popular business venture. Why? Because people want to have a bit to eat or something to drink, when they’re out. It’s tough walking round shops, you need somewhere to rest. As a result, there’s a big demand for cafes and restaurants.

To take advantage of this business venture, you need a good location. Setting up a restaurant in the middle of nowhere won’t get you many customers. Instead, you need to look for somewhere close to the middle of a city. Your location should be as close to other shops as possible. If you’re near shops, you’re near people. Naturally, this greatly increases your chance of gaining customers.

Also, think about what you’ll sell and how you’ll make it. My top tip is to emphasise the homemade aspect of your cafe/restaurant. Especially if it’s a cafe. Shout about your freshly baked cakes and handcrafted coffee. People will love that. For a restaurant, it helps if you include nutritional info on your menus. Let people know what they’re eating. Of course, get your ingredients from the best suppliers possible, and make sure they’re natural.

Start A Digital Marketing Agency

Marketing is a very important part of every business. As a result, it’s become a big industry to get into. There are more and more marketing agencies appearing every day. It’s a highly profitable business idea.

In particular, digital marketing is huge. Start a digital marketing agency, and you won’t be short of customers. Businesses are looking to outsource their marketing to knowledgeable companies. There’s a lot of money to be made in this field.

The trick is making sure you know what you’re doing. Become a marketing expert and hire other experts to join your company. If you emphasise how much you know about marketing, it makes your agency more appealing. Also, look for small businesses. It’s unlikely that a big business will hire you, small businesses are the ones that need marketing help. Success will increase with every job you take on. When people see what you’ve done for other businesses, they’ll be banging on your door for help.

So, if you want to start a new business, consider one of the ideas above. All four of them are great, and can be a source of success!

Innovative Gaming Companies


The gaming industry is ever growing, with new modernization and developments taking place every single day. This has resulted in huge leaps forward in how we game, with interactive games, multiplayer’s and mobile gaming. With several gaming companies on the radar, who are the most innovative players (if you’ll excuse the pun) in the gaming business? That’s exactly what we at serious startups want to find out.

For a start, no list like this would be complete without Sony. Sony is one of the longest running gaming companies to have entered into the gaming console market – launching the Play Station 1 and becoming one of the most well-known games creators in the industry. Now on the Play Station 4, players can enjoy amazing graphics and more dynamic game-play which is only likely to improve.

Then there is Telltale Games, one of the most exciting gaming companies on the market right now. They are known for such fantastic offerings as The Wold Among Us and, of course, The Walking Dead, both of which are excellent interactive games based on a multiple choice setting.

If you love variety and excitement, then rest assured that Plain Vanilla Games are nothing like what their name suggests. Their games are famously addictive – to prove our point, just take a look at their most successful game Quiz Up, which allows for special features and multiplayer options.

Failbetter Games make excellent story focused games which allow the player to make decisions within the game, allowing the player to unfold their own story. One of the biggest offerings from this company was the Black Crown Project, which so far has gone down very well with players.

image002Now, the Chinese company Tencent might be most well-known for its IM WeChat, which boasts more than 40 million users. However, what makes this IM particularly special is that it also offers gaming along with its chat services.

There are lots of exciting changes happening in the online gaming world. You can even play games for cash – for example, online bingo games and PayPal Casinos. You can find out more information about these at paypal-casinos.co .

‘Snake’ Game Comes to Life in Stop-Motion Chalk Art

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An Educational MMORPG, We Chat With Lindsey Tropf CEO Of Immersed Games [video][onespark]

Immersed Games,OneSpark,Florida Startup,Gainesville Startup,EdTechEducational video games and online games have been due for a disruption for quite sometime. We’ve seen startups like Memphis’ Seed Hatchery alum, Knoco, innovate by trying to bring back the story line based games like “Where In The World I Carmen San Diego”, while that’s a great idea, the storyline concept wasn’t brand new.

Lindsey Tropf and her co-founders at Immersed Games have taken their gaming experience as teenagers, young adults and now graduating college students and decided to start something, fun, educational and long lasting. Yes, they’re creating the first educational MMORPG.

For those that aren’t gamers, MMORPG stands for Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, think World Of Warcraft, but of course Immersed Games educational MMORPG won’t be the least bit violent.

In the Immersed Games world students will take on an avatar and character profile and go into a world where they need to solve real problems with friends and other players to get to the next phase in the game.  We’re not talking the classic, question and answer problems, real life problems like creating food chains, and using laws of physics and science to get out of situations.

Immersed Games is relying on the addictive nature of MMORPG games to keep students coming back and learning more.

Their first game is going to tackle sixth great science in a virtual world.

Tropf, along with brother Ryan Tropf and Kaz Burgmeister are working on creating their first worlds and quests and are hoping to raise money at OneSpark and then in an investment round. If all goes well they hope to role out their first game next year.

Check out the video interview with Lindsey below:

Find out more about Immersed Games here

We’ve got so much OneSpark coverage here at nibletz.com


New Jersey Startup Vidyo Powering Video Chat On Wii U (And Google Hangouts)

Nintendo Wii U,Vidyo,video conferencing,Google+ hangouts, Google+, New Jersey startup,startup,startups,startup newsNew Jersey video conferencing startup Vidyo has probably outgrown the title “startup”. Their completely scalable video conferencing solutions can be found powering such high profile video services as Google+ Hangouts, NTT, Philips and more. Now it’s been reported that the company is powering the all new video chat feature found in the Wii U game system that debuted in stores across the country yesterday.

Wii U’s video platform can be found in their new improved MiiVerse service and is used with the camera built into the new Nintendo Wii U control pad.

We’re trying to bring video-conferencing to the world,” Vidyo chief executive Ofer Shapiro told Venturebeat.com’s John Koetsier. “We want to carry it to the masses.”

Vidyo isn’t necessarily taking on Skype but rather looking to put video conferencing in the living room. Having the ability for video conferencing in the living room opens up an entirely new world for content creators, both novice and professional.  Also, with systems like the Wii U you can easily have whole family video chats using the tv as the monitor, no matter what it’s size.
Google+ Hangouts are incredibly easy to set up. It’s just one click within the Google+ network. Video chatting on the Wii U is even easier than that. It doesn’t require firing up the computer and getting on Google+. Let’s face it we’re probably looking at the possibility of much bigger scale utilizing the Wii U than the Google+ platform. Several quarters ago Google stopped reporting growth numbers for Google+.
Video integration with the Wii U also cuts the barrier to some people who are more comfortable with gaming systems and stay away from the computers.
While the video quality on the Wii U console is not “professional” it’s still “excellent” for the home use according to Shapiro.
The Wii U launched yesterday morning in the United States. Nintendo packaged two different bundles, a white “basic” system with 8gb of storage and no included game and a black deluxe system with 32gb of onboard storage, packaged with Nintendo Land.
Analysts are expecting the Nintendo Wii U to be one of the most popular gifts this holiday season. Most major big box stores have depleted their stock and are unsure if they will get another shipment before Christmas and Chanukah.

New Startup WarSocial Is A “Risk” Like HTML 5 Game, Interview Here

If you spent hours as a kid, or even a teenager planning, strategizing and taking over the world in the game Risk then you’ll be happy to know that two entrepreneurs have started something called WarSocial which is an HTML 5 game based on the fun, and strategy behind the game Risk.

The game was born out of another game that Bill Franceschine and his co-founder Dustin had played but was pretty much abandoned by it’s founder. They put their heads together and expanded that idea to form WarSocial. Now with one game out under their belts they may continue to develop other group played social games using HTML 5. 

As a kid I played a lot of Risk, after graduating from Stratego. While many think of big multiplayer online and mobile games being fantasy, or science fiction based, it’s nice to see a startup bringing back a real thinker’s game.

We got a chance to interview Franceschine. Check out the quick interview below:

What is warsocial?
An HTML5 social game inspired by Risk. 
Who are the founders and what are their backgrounds?
Bill: Serial web entrepreneur with a deep background in poker. There is your hint about what our next game might be!

Dustin: Software engineer who was previously CTO of a venture backed startup.
Where are you based?
Distributed team: Bill in California, Dustin in NYC, contractors in Canada and India.
How did the idea for WarSocial come about?
Dustin and I met playing a simliar game. A game the creator has all but abandoned the last few years but which still has a very loyal following who play it many hours per week for years. We both saw the potential for the game to be very popular if done correctly so we decided to do it.
Briefly tell us how the game is played?
2-7 players can play. Each is randomly assigned lands on a map and those lands are randomly assigned dice. Players attempt to win the whole map by attacking the lands of other players.
Can people win prizes? Money? Virtual goods?
We are currently giving away $500 per season (roughly six weeks) in cash prizes to the top ten on our leaderboard. 
Tell us one of the challenges you faced in the startup process?
Our biggest challenge thus far has been onboarding additional programmers. The game is very popular with engineers so recruiting talented developers is easy. Indeed many people reach out to us volunteering to help. However since we use a number of cutting edge technologies onboarding them has been a challenge. They have to setup a Ruby on Rails environment to work with Redis, Heroku, Pusher, HTML5 and in the near future probably also Node.js. This isn’t an easy task.
Whats next for War Social?
Continue quickly iterating based on user feedback and growing the community.  Bringing the game to Facebook, iOS and Android are also top of mind. Once we are ready we’ll be using our platform to launch additional games as well. We could easily launch most turn-based games.
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Hollywood Hack A Day, Final Recap

It’s like a party, you are afraid that no one will show up”

Rahim Sonawalla mentioned to me about his fears about putting together Hollywood Hack A Day. But boy did they show up. While Kyle was in Memphis for a Launch event this past weekend, I was on the West Coast. More specifically Hollywood California to witness Hollywood Hack Day taking place at io/LA which was nice enough to provide their location to use for the weekend. Put together by Ryan Chisholm, Rahim Sonawalla and Abe Burns, this weekends event expected around around 70 developers, graphic artist, and visionaries to show up. Battling 80 degree crystal clear skies, developers spent all weekend from 0900 on Saturday to 6pm on Sunday putting together not only presentations but working projects as well.

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Exclusive: Hands On With Nyko PlayPad Pro

Nyko, the brand known for its third party controller for consols such as the XBox360, Play Station 3 and Wii is coming to Android with its PlayPad Pro which we got a hands on with at e3. From someone who doesn’t game any more, The PlayPad Pro won me over as a must have accessory to play games on my Android tablet. The controller, looks to be based upon the Xbox360 one pairs to your Android tablet running 3.0 and newer via Bluetooth.

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E3 Coverage: Video The Nintendo Wii U In Action

It’s a critical time for Nintendo right now. Over the past two years they’ve lost tremendous market share in the mobile space to smartphones, and tablets. As mobile game developers get better and better alongside the processors and hardware, it’s hard to stomach spending $19.99 on a game cartridge when you can download a mobile game for $.99

The next generation game consoles have to be better, faster and stronger, a lot stronger than their predecessors. Game consoles haven’t been updated since the mid part of the 2000’s and we’re looking at a holiday season next year with three new consoles.

All of the consoles are going to have to have extremely great graphics, out of this world speed and the ability to play cloud based games. Nintendo is going with their interactive approach that was introduced with the Wii and than replicated with Xbox Kinect and the Sony Play Station move.

In the video below Brent was able to film a man playing a rowing game as part of Nintendo Wii U.

Check out the video below:

Sweet Nibletz We’re On Location At E3

Despite a few hiccups in our travel plans we’ve made it safely to Los Angeles to cover the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), this year the theme is Innovation unveiled. We’re going to cover it for our gaming, tech and mobile sections and we’re going to take some time out of our schedule to focus on cool new gaming startups. If you’re a gaming startup in either hardware or software and you’re exhibiting at E3 please make sure you reach out to us at startup@nibletz.com and we’ll make sure to stop by your booth or meet up with you over the next 3 and a half days.

We’re looking forward to big announcements from Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony and many many more.

Nintendo made history Sunday by deciding not to wait and announcing their new Wii U Gamepad and Pro Controllers. We’re expecting more from Nintendo on Tuesday morning.

Make sure you let everyone know to follow our RSS feed, our Twitter Stream and our G+ page for the latest from E3 and especially our startup spin.


Microsoft Unveils SmartGlass, Internet Explorer For Xbox, And 35 New Service Providers For Xbox

While they didn’t bring a next-gen console to E3 this year, Microsoft really pushed the limit on what the Xbox 360, their current-gen console, can do. Xbox has recently been given access to an “app store” where users can download and purchase things, and download service providers and apps such as Netflix and YouTube. These were obviously a huge hit, and Microsoft is planning to expand their providers by adding 35 new companies to the mix. Machinima, Nickelodeon, and Paramount can all give users a taste of what they can view with their cable providers, and do it all from one console. Microsoft has also announced they will be adding NBA Gametime and WatchESPN apps to the market so users can finally catch live sporting events via their Xbox. Clearly, this is bad news for cable companies.

Microsoft has also announced a new application called SmartGlass that will enable users to use their tablets as “remotes” for any Windows 8 devices, and of course, the Xbox to play different media types. Think AirPlay. Users will be able to start streaming content on one device, and pick up on another anywhere at any time. They also are enabling a “second screen” with tablets and phones that can be integrated into the Xbox’s experience, which is likely their shot at Nintendo’s new Wii U Gamepad. This app will also come to iOS and Android, though, meaning Microsoft is looking past just Windows Phone for their newest technology.

Microsoft is also pushing for more Kinect integration by adding easier ways to search with voice and gestures, and Internet Explorer will be added to Xbox by the end of the year. Xbox Music was something we have been hearing about for quite some time now, and today it became official that it was coming, and that it would work with Windows 8 devices. This means the Xbox can literally be the media center of a home for the first time. Sports, surfing the web, gaming, television–all of these can now be accessed by Microsoft’s home console. It’s no wonder the Xbox has become the best selling console worldwide.


Nintendo Announces Official Wii U Gamepad And Pro Controllers

Nintendo’s Wii U has been no secret for a while now, as they gave us a demo last year at E3, however, they have made the infamous Gamepad controller official today during a live-stream. The Nintendo Wii U Gamepad is something completely different from any gaming controller that we have seen in the past, and if you didn’t know any better, you might even think it’s a mobile gaming device due to the on-board touch screen. The controller features a touch screen in the center, with an analog sticks on either side (which is a change from last year’s demo), a d-pad on the left, and the standard four-button layout on the right. The idea behind the new controller is that the touch screen will revolutionize the way that we play video games, and sort of combines handheld gaming and console gaming, two things Nintendo is very successful at.

The Gamepad isn’t just a handheld controller though, it also features motion control, NFC capabilities, and a front-facing camera to top things off. This new controller will likely be the centerpiece of Nintendo’s next-gen gaming efforts. The only problem with that is it may be a little expensive for multiple players at one time, depending on how necessary it is to play. The Gamepad and Wii U will come in black and white iterations, both launching at the same time. Nintendo also announced their Pro controller which is much more similar to traditional gaming controllers, and actually looks similar to the prototype controller originally shown for the Playstation 3. It has two analog sticks, two bumpers and two triggers, a d-pad, and four buttons–pretty standard stuff here, folks. This will also most likely be a little less pricey, and is also probably going to be Nintendo’s way of attracting “hardcore gamers”, who usually would be in favor of a Playstation or Xbox  over a Nintendo console. Both of these will be available at launch with the Wii U.


Boston Startup: Brass Monkey Is A Fun Interactive Mass Challenge Grad VIDEO INTERVIEW

We found an awesome startup out of Boston Massachusetts called Brass Monkey. In addition to having an uber cool name the technology is cool, innovative and fun, a definite recipe for great success.

Brass Monkey allows the user to play fun, interactive games on their computer’s monitor or any other monitor with a browser, using their iPhone as a controller. The iPhone controller utilizes all the sensors in the iPhone to create an interactive experience. In the demo video below we check out a golf game, similar to Wii Golf, that allows you to use the iPhones motion sensors to control the iPhone like a golf club.

There are currently 10 games available. Brass Monkey has a free SDK for developers who are interested in developing games on their system.

Brass Monkey is a recent graduate of the Mass Challenge program, which they credit as a large part of their success thus far.  They also received a $750k round of funding in January of this year which included the co-founders of Kima Ventures, Jeremie Berrebi,  David Beyer, CEO of Chart.io, Founder and Managing Director of Boston Seed Capital Nicole Stata, and more.

Check out the video below:

Now Your Android Phone Can Tell You When You Can Play Diablo III

Our gaming editor, Damien Rane, is having the hardest time getting a review of Diablo III published, and of course it’s no fault of his own. Like millions of other American gamers Rane was out at midnight on the night of Diablo III’srelease and home ready to play, but couldn’t.

Most Diablo fans as well as WoW fans are very familiar with the scenario. Blizzard, the company behind both titles, sells millions and millions of units but never seems to upgrade their server farm. You would think with the popularity of their two franchise titles they would be able to support their custom base on opening night.

What’s more disturbing is that while WoW is an MMORPG, Diablo III, is for the most part a single player game. There’s no real need for the player to be connected to the server throughout the entire game, aside from DRM. But they’re game to do what they want with it.

So what’sthe problem?

Any frequent Blizzard game player knows about “error 37” which basically equates to the Blizzard servers being down. On Diablo IIIs release night Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus were abuzz with pissed off customers who bought Diablo III and took to social networks to report they couldn’t play the game because Blizzards battlement servers were down.

There’s good news now though, at least for Android users. Android developer Eluamous has released an Android app and widget that will let you know when the servers are ready two go. No longer will you have to waste your precious time, checking to see if the battle net servers are ready.

The app is getting rave reviews in the Google Play Store. The develop has also made similar apps for other games including World of Warcraft (WoW).

The best part is that the app is free. So download it and get back to playing.

Download link Here

Source: WebProNews