E3 Coverage: Video The Nintendo Wii U In Action

It’s a critical time for Nintendo right now. Over the past two years they’ve lost tremendous market share in the mobile space to smartphones, and tablets. As mobile game developers get better and better alongside the processors and hardware, it’s hard to stomach spending $19.99 on a game cartridge when you can download a mobile game for $.99

The next generation game consoles have to be better, faster and stronger, a lot stronger than their predecessors. Game consoles haven’t been updated since the mid part of the 2000’s and we’re looking at a holiday season next year with three new consoles.

All of the consoles are going to have to have extremely great graphics, out of this world speed and the ability to play cloud based games. Nintendo is going with their interactive approach that was introduced with the Wii and than replicated with Xbox Kinect and the Sony Play Station move.

In the video below Brent was able to film a man playing a rowing game as part of Nintendo Wii U.

Check out the video below:


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