Hot Or Not Yankee Group Says Kindle Fire Is Fizzling

The Amazon Kindle Fire was one of the hottest items last holiday season. The 7″ Android powered tablet sold like hotcakes leading into the 2011 holiday season. It was considered the only table to come close to challenging Apple’s iPad and as recent as two months ago it was revealed that the Amazon Kindle Fire sold more than all the other Android tablets combined.

Well the Yankee Group has released a new report called “2012 US Tablet Landscape: An All-Too-Familiar Story”. In that report it shows that Apple’s iPad line still commands 51% of the US tablet market.

What’s more disturbing though is that the Amazon Kindle Fire has “cooled with consumers” since it’s release in Q4 2011. ┬áThe Yankee Group research suggests that everyone who wanted a Kindle Fire now has one. More importantly, consumers who said they wanted a Kindle Fire have gone down from 11% in 2011 to just 6% now.

PC World reports that in a recent ChangeWave Research poll found that of 2900 respondents 41% of Kindle Fire users were “very satisfied” with the device, which is down by 15% since ChangeWave’s earlier survey in February 2012.

IDC also echoed the trend by reporting that Amazon’s tablet shipments declined dramatically. In Q4 2011 Amazon Kindle Fire commanded 16.8% of the market with 4.8 million units sold. Now they are sitting with just 4% of the market share.

Amazon is expected to release a follow up to the Kindle Fire, and it may possibly be the familiar 10″ form factor. PC World suggests that the Kindle Fire 2 get here as fast as it can.

Source: PC World


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