a-Jays One+ EarBuds Ridiculous Sound, Even More Ridiculous Packaging

This would be the review that you’ve been looking for. If you’ve met me or seen me in the last six months, since CES 2012 in Las vegas I’ve probably told you about the most amazing pair of earbuds I’ve ever heard, the a-Jays One+ ear buds.

The earbuds are great and I am NOT an earbuds guy. I am a Sony MDR-7506 lover and I also have a pair of over the ear headphones that I love from House of Marley.  However one pair of earbuds were going to change me into an earbud believer. Those earbuds would be the a-Jays One+ EarBuds.

Boy was I happy when I received an overnight from the office at the hotel I am staying at with the a-Jays One+ earbuds in them.

Here’s why you’re not seeing that review though. It’s the worst ever consumer packaging in the world. In over 10 years of having some sort of position involving researching or reviewing consumer electronic products and accessories I’ve never seen packaging as bad as this. Heck the boys who used to rip off Sam Goody in my High School to get cassettes had better luck cracking open the theft deterrent system.

At first I followed the instructions explicitly pushing the button that was behind the little round sticker.

To no avail.

I then borrowed a pair of scissors from the front desk.  Nope didn’t work out

Next I tried a flat head screw driver. Still nothing

Then I tried I gigantic steak knife trying to both pry the packaging open and then slicing through it, still no avail.

The last thing I tried was to light the mother f*cking packaging on fire… Still to no avail.  I guess they had their packaging made by the same people who make Otter Boxes and Griffin Survivor series cases.. I can’t imagine the frustration that actual customers will experience with this crazy packaging.

One things for sure Im going to get these B*tches open to do the review at some point because they are indeed the best sounding earbuds I’ve ever heard, and then, I’m going to store my iPhone in the packaging.. move over Otterbox.

Normally we only let Brent set things on fire.


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