Chicago TechWeek Has The Sexiest Startup City In The Country

Most big tech conferences have some kind of startup exhibition area. They go by various names: Startup Village, Startup Alley, Eureka Park, etc. This year, Chicago TechWeek has “Startup City,” and we love it (homage to Patrick Stump).

There are 70 startups in Startup City, and we’ll have a lot of profiles and interviews coming soon. But as we toured the Startup City, we couldn’t help but notice that there’s no shortage of startups on the racier side this year.

Get Lusty is a Chicago startup designed for married couples and couples in long term relationships that want to improve their sex lives. The company founders are a husband and wife team that found the bedroom was getting boring. Their solution? Launch a startup together, of course!

Savvo is the wine aficionado’s resource for all things wine.



F. U I’m Right is the ultimate argument platform, where you can get your social networks to support your argument. Interestingly, though, Boris, the company’s founder, told us he found that he was actually wrong a lot more than he thought.

There are a bunch of other great startups in Chicago TechWeek’s Startup City, but you can imagine why these instantly caught our eye. Stay tuned for more from TechWeek and Startup City.

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Video Interview With Chicago Startup: Care Content

One of the more interesting startups at last week’s Startup City event, part of Tech Week Chicago, was CareContent.

Kadesha Thomas is the founder of CareContent at care The new startup is a library of content for hospitals and other medical services that publish websites, newsletters and other resources for both patients and consumers.

Thomas has a background in publishing content for hospital websites and newsletters. While working as an editor for a hospital’s patient facing online resources Thomas was constantly sourcing content to fill the gaps that she hadn’t already written for the facility.

After she left that job as an editor she became a freelancer where she would get commissioned for jobs at hospitals to write stories about procedures, after care, medical trends, new hospital developments and more.

Now with CareContent Thomas is making her personal library as well as the works of others within the CareContent editorial network, available to hospitals and medical facilities either as packages or ala carte.

If a hospital needs new content for a landing page, blog entries or newsletter content they can sign up for a subscription plan to CareContent where Thomas and her company will make sure that the facilities have the content they need when it’s time to publish.

CareContent had a lot of people visit their booth at Startup City. There are article depositories, newswires and other resources for most kinds of publications but not one quite like this for the medical field.

Patient facing content is a lot different than the types of stories published in medical journals. Thomas has to take that kind of content and make it easier to understand, and not so overwhelming or sometimes scary, for patients that have either just had a medical procedure done or are thinking about having a medical procedure done.

Even with the long hard hours involved in launching a startup, Thomas is very enthusiastic about CareContent and it’s prospects in the Chicago startup scene. Thomas is just beginning as well. They just launched the company last month after months of research and they are also participating in Chicago’s Lean Startup Challenge and Chicago’s Medical Tech Pitch Event later on this summer.

Check out the video interview below:


Check out CareContent here

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Chicago Techweek: Mayor Emanuel Chicago To Be Known As Startup City

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (photo:

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel kicked off Chicago Techweek this morning at the Merchandise Mart to a standing room only crowd.  His message was positive, and inviting for the thriving tech and startup community in the windy city.

Emanuel’s keynote kicked off the four day TechWeek conference in it’s second year. The conference expects to see over 5,000 attendees through Tuesday from all aspects of Chicago’s tech community.

While one of Chicago’s mainstays, Sears, is fighting for it’s business life, startups and tech companies are flourishing with Chicago’s expanding tech resources like the newly opened 1871.

Chicago is sometimes referred to as “The Second City” because for many years it was the second largest city in population next to New York City. It was eventually replaced by Los Angeles as the second city in terms of population, however it’s remained in third. However Emanuel says “three years from now it’ll be known as the startup city if we do everything right,”

Mayor Emanuel said that he and his administration are taking the steps to attract fresh young businesses. Some of those steps include making it easier to attract and hire fresh young talent. He also that the World Business Chicago and the city are planning a venture investor summit to showcase startups.

Mayor Emmanuel along with Illinois Governor Pat Quinn were very supportive of the new 1871 startup tech center.

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Source: Chicago Tribune

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