Passion vs Logic & Mentor vs Advisor

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Serious Startups : Passion vs. Logic and Mentor vs. Advisor

What is ultimately behind a business, passion or logic? And, when does a mentor become an advisor?

John, Kane, and I talk about these issues in the latest episode of Serious Startups. What do you think about the whole passion vs logic and mentor vs advisor thing?

Nashville Startup: TalkApolis Brings Locally Produced High Quality Video To The Smartphone

Talkapolis, Nashville startup,startupsAs media consumption continues to move the direction of the smart, connected, handheld device, companies need to continue to adapt. Or of course just launch new companies. Such is the case with Nashville startup TalkApolis. The Nashville startup is headed by John Bransford

“You can watch locally focused, entertaining, high quality video shows on your smartphone or  mobile device that were made to be watched on it. Download our app for your device and watch TalkApolis content with a touch of your screen” Bransford told us in an interview.

The microcasting company was originally selected for the 2012 Jumpstart Foundry cohort but dropped out before the program ended in August.

Even without the accelerator program Bransford’s background in media (real media like HBO) and development, including Drupal, helped bring TalkApolis to fruition.

Bransford has designed the TalkApolis platform to operate smooth and efficiently with the ability to produce relevant content extremely fast. ” Our production suite is so adept, we can test out a show from something we see trending on the internet and see if it sticks almost immediately. If it doesn’t get traction or the host get an audience, we move on to the next one. Licensees will benefit from this agility of the back-end system by being able to do the exact same things in their local markets. Our plan is to allow licensees to apply their unique local knowledge where it matters.” Bransford said.

Check out the rest of our interview with Bransford below.

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