66% Of Smartphone Users Test Drive Products In Store,Then Purchase Online


There’s no doubt that brick and mortar stores are consistently losing sales to online websites.  This trend has caused many retailers to rethink their web strategies to minimize losses.

The study, by retrevo.com, took a look into the trends of smartphones users, and retailers with apps available. 43% of the participants said they have downloaded a brick and mortar retailers app. However, only 14% of those that said they had downloaded a retailers app said they found the stores app useful.

While the amount of smartphone owners who have used a stores app is small, more than half the survey participants said they have used their smartphones to assist in their purchasing decisions while in the store.

Of those who have used their smartphones in store to make a purchasing decision have used then to research a competitors price, find a coupon, or read reviews.

What’s apparent in this study is that traditional retailers need to embrace the smartphone user and find ways to capitalize on this informed segment of shopper.  As we gearup for the holiday shopping season, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the paradigm shift from online specials to in store specials. After all these retailers want to keep the lights on.

Source: retrevo


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