App Of The Week: Any.DO

As busy as we are nowadays, you would think we would have figured out how to manage our time wisely. Still however, we find people being double-booked, forgetting appointments, and sometimes not getting a single thing done that you wanted to throughout the day. We find ourselves constantly pressured by the busy agendas that rule our life, and have since started to turn to mobile calendars and planners to help us through our days. While I still use my calendar all the time, sometimes I just want a simple list of the things I need to get done, accompanied with reminders due dates. Separate categories, yes, but other than that just one list of things that I need to accomplish. And after stumbling upon it in the Market, Any.DO has completely taken over as my task manager of choice.

Any.DO is one of those apps that I install within 5 minutes of every phone that I get. I live by my task manager, and it all integrates with Google Tasks and my Gmail. But as we all know, Google has completely ignored the need for a task managing app built in to Android that syncs with your Google account and Google Tasks. After giving support to many of its other products and even launching new ones, El Goog hasn’t payed the slightest bit of attention to a task manager. However, the developers of Any.DO have.

Any.DO is a simple, beautiful task manager that offers just about every option you could want. At the open of the app you are given a neat little list of the things the app does, and after swiping through all of them you are brought to a point where you can sign into your Gmail account and start syncing your tasks. Once you sync these tasks, you can decide whether you want them to be defined by folder or due date (personally I choose folder because I feel it offers more organization). You can then add and complete tasks very easily, in a beautiful application. Any.DO has an awesome way of notifying you of your task due dates as well. The app pops a notification up on your screen, and in your notification bar. When the notification pops up, you can mark it as done, snooze it, or just ignore it as a whole.  Another great feature of Any.DO is whenever you receive a missed call, it will allow you to automatically add calling that person back as a task with a notification. Also, the little bell that rings (on-screen and audibly) every time a task needs completed is just another example of the devs dedication to making sure users have a great experience with their app. This application is without a doubt one of the most beautiful apps that I have used on an Android device. You can choose between a light and dark theme, and both of them look amazing. There are many fluid animations throughout the app, and the whole experience is much better than any other taks managers that I have used. Not only can you use it natively, but Any.DO also syncs with your Google account both ways, so if you complete a task and scratch it off the list on the app or in the browser, it will sync to the other respectively.

Any.DO is a free and fantastic app that everyone should give a shot. It works seamlessly with your Google account, and I can’t remember a time it has failed to notify me or frozen up when I tried to use it. As I said earlier, I install this app on every device I get, right when I get it, and there are many reasons why. Be sure to check out Any.DO for free in the Android Market and be sure to check back with Nibletz for more awesome Android apps and reviews.


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