Return Voyage For LulzSec? Rumors Say Yes And No

The infamous collective of 6 people who became famous last year for websites in which they’ve hacked as well as companies may be back. Or may not be, matters whom you talk to. LulzSec because famous quickly via Twitter for hacking into the likes of Fox’s TV shows and reveling the contestants before the X-Factor even aired. Along with hacks like PBS and others. However, in the last couple of weeks everything seemed to have ended with their “leader” Sabu, who was outed as a FBI informant.

Now a YouTube video may contradict their demise…


Stating that the ship is ready to take sail once more has had people wonder, did the FBI really take them down, or did they just pick 6 random people to arrest. Or the more plausible scenario is a new collective of people are taking up the name if we are to believe the video.

We’ll be waiting, but one thing is for sure, FBI may have taken down 6 people, but they are not even close to cutting off the head of the snake to cripple them.


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