Live Blog: Zynga Press Event To Announce Purchase Of OMGPOP Developers Of “Draw Something”



2:31pm: Dan Porter says they will not be changing the name of Draw Something to Draw with friends

2:29pm: Chat and drawing saving coming to Draw Something.

2:28pm: Will this be the biggest deal for Zynga… David Koh not commenting on financials

2:23pm: Q&A time

2:21pm: Dan Porter: looking for a partner that can support them and keep going

2:20PM: OMGPOP/CEO Dan Porter becomes VP/GM of Zynga New York. Call is being held at OMGPOP’s NY offices. Dan Porter: 20 million users prior to Draw Something

2:17PM: 6 short weeks Draw Something has been downloaded over 35 million times. More than 1 billion drawings have been created as of last week.

2:16PM: David Koh: OMGPOP has released 35 casual multi-player games

2:15pm: Zynga has acquired OMGPOP

2:15pm: 240 million active players across Zynga. Offering Zynga platform to other developers.

2:14pm: Zynga’s mission, connect the world through games

2:14: David Koh chief mobile officer at Zynga is up first

2:13pm: Here we go. We are going over forward thinking statements

2:12pm: call is open audio is horrid

2:58pm: I think this is TV ON THE RADIO but not sure

2:57pm: A song called “Don’t let me fall” is playing on hold, is this some kind of re-assurance message that Pincus likes?

2:55pm: and now some great hip hop fusion

2:52pm: Venture Beat is reporting that the buzz out of ignition west is $250 million for OMGPOP

2:49PM: Zynga is about to announce their purchase of OMGPOP the developer behind the smash hit “Draw Something” no word on the purchase amount yet but most are speculating it’s between $180 and $300 million. ┬áStill listening to the hold music

2:47PM: listening to the wonderful hold music



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