Hackers Get 181,000 Medicaid Records And 25,000 SSNs From Utah Department Of Health.


On March 30th hackers believed to have been from Eastern Europe, hacked into a vulnerable server within Utah’s Department Of Health.  UDOH has said that records were moved to a new server that had a configuration problem which allowed hackers to circumvent the department’s security protocols.

Although the breach occurred on March 30th UDOH waited until last Wednesday to publicly announce that the breach occurred. On Friday they revealed the damage.  Hackers made off with 24,000 files. Each file can contain information on hundreds of Medicaid patients.  UDOH tallied up all the damage and said that 181,000 patients have had information compromised. 

The information that was taken includes patient names, birth dates, addresses, provider information, procedure codes answer social security numbers.  The patients affected ranged from children kn Utah’s CHIP program to senior citizens.

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UDOH has moved the records to a secure server while the rest of the state government is checking the security of every server used by the state.  UDOH is also in the process of contacting all of the patients affected by this

“We understand clients are worried about who may have accessed their personal information, and that many of them feel violated by having their information compromised,” UDOH Deputy Director Michael Hales said in a statement. “But we also hope they understand we are doing everything we can to protect them from further harm.”

It’s believed that this attack originated from eastern Europe and it’s unknown if its related to hactivist group Anonymous’ recent resurgence.

Source: ZDNet


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