Apple’s New “iPhone At Work” Page Shows Off How Users Can Use Their iPhones For Business Too

Due to the fact that a lot of businesses are still choosing Android devices and Blackberrys over iPhones for their employees, Apple is clearly trying to push the iPhone into the business realm for more than just BYOD purposes. Apple wants employers to hand their employees iPhones as the device to use, not just an option they can bring. While costs of doing this will stop most companies from “handing their employees iPhones”, there are a few other reasons as well.

Apple has been known to always keep their software and hardware under their control, and as opposed to Google and RIM, it can sometimes be difficult for companies to switch their company devices to iPhones. With Android, companies can do pretty much anything they would like to the software in order to meet their security requirements. Of course, there are still many companies who allow their employees to pick the device they would like to use, and a lot of time these devices are iPhones. With this, Apple is trying to give users an easy way to use their iPhones for business, with their new page on their website titled “iPhone at Work”.

This page popped up under the “iPhone in Business” section, and explains to users how they can use their iPhones for business, and even shows off some apps to help them accomplish their daily goals. Apple first shows off a few of their own apps that help users “Organize your day.” We see usual apps such as Mail, Calendar, and Contacts thrown into the mix. Underneath those however, apps like ¬†MicroStrategy and Daylite Touch show ways that their users can manage projects and view different business goals and statistics to help their teams stay on top of things.

As a whole, this web page outlines everything someone with an iPhone would need to know about using their device for business. It also shows companies how integrating iPhones into their business can really boost production for their employees, especially if everyone is using an iPhone, and the apps that can accomplish the necessary tasks. Anyone with an iPhone or looking to get one should check out Apple’s new “iPhone at Work” page here.


Source: Apple, iMore


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