Utah Startup: Kin2 Shows Degrees Of Separation For New Dark Shadows Movie

If you’ve ever wanted to know how you could or could not be connected to a celebrity or other big name, you may get a chance to find out sooner than later, thanks to a Utah startup called Kin2. The premise for Kin2 is connecting family trees to other family trees. The service draws from over 250 million names from a previous endeavor called Onegreatfamily.com

But what does this have to do with the new Dark Shadows movie? Well an executive of Warner Brothers, the movie’s producer, saw Kin2 in action at South By Southwest and thought the technology would make a great engagement piece for their online marketing efforts.

Now fans of Dark Shadows can use a customized version of Kin2 to see all the Collins family connections from the movie.  The Salt Lake Tribune was able to use a photo of Barnabus Collins (played by Johnny Depp) within the Kin2 special app, to find out that he is the great great uncle of Elizabeth Collins Stoddard (played by Michelle Pfeiffer).   They are 32 degrees apart.

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“It was definitely a different use of the site’s functionality than we anticipated,” Kin2 President Colin House said in a statemen

In a nut shell Kin2 allows users to connect themselves or other family members with any celebrity and historical figure. They eventually plan on showing how two people are connected to each other no matter the degrees of separation.

Kin2 has a huge data pool thanks to their previous business that was based in genealogy.

“So the basic idea for Kin2 was let’s take that core asset, all of these names, and let’s get them together in a way that consumers can get a shot at them, and consumers can go in and leverage the power of what we’ve already built,” said Tim Robinson Chief Marketing Officer for Kin2.

Kin2 is based in Pleasant Grove Utah.


Check out Kin2 for yourself here at kin2.me

Source: Salt Lake Tribune

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