Rumors: 2012 15 Inch MacBook Pro Specs

9to5Mac is reporting both full specs, as well as mock ups of the new 2012 MacBook Pro. What you’ll quickly noticed from the picture above besides both a difference in size, but also the fact that no Optical Drive will be there. Taking que from the Air, and other Ultrabooks to cut down on size. For those that still need an Optical Drive, USB 3.0 port(s) will now come standard as both Apple and other companies are now starting to make them standard as the higher transfer speeds on average of 5 Gbps are being needed more and more.

As like the iPhone and iPad, Retina Display is also coming to the Pro to make the screen that already looks beautiful, even more. Instead though of giving resolution size(s) you’ll now see Small, Medium, Large now. As for the graphics card, nothing is for sure yet, however more and more lines of code showing that it’ll be a NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M are coming to life.


The power button will also have moved onto the Keyboard, like it is on the MacBook Air. This way to more easily stream line product and create uniformity throughout products. As for the processor, it will be Ivy Bridge quad-core i7 with some improved power efficiency, as well as performance upgrades over the last.

As per battery life, no word yet on what we’ll see, but with the Ivy Quad-Core, as well as the newer video card, we are expecting some improvement over last years model. Sales are expected to start some time in June, possibly July at the latest.


Source: 9to5Mac



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