We Interview DC Startup Barrel Of Jobs At Capital Connection 2012

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While at the Capital Connection/TechBUZZ conference in Washington DC this week we got to meet Chris Hertz and Craig Zingerline, the co-founders of Washington DC based startup Barrel Of Jobs. They were one of 28 new startups that presented their business in a four minute presentation on Wednesday at the conference.

Of course by the name, Barrel of Jobs, you already know it has something to do with jobs and careers. With Barrel of Jobs though, we’re not talking bout the next monster.com or Career Builder. ¬†Barrel of Jobs is a social recruiting platform to connect employers to the best candidates. ¬†Barrel of Jobs is using the social web to help recruiters, employers and even startups, find the best talent.

As the baby boomer generation starts to retire, recruiters and HR Departments are looking to find the best young talent possible. With the current generation in the talent pool we’re all accustomed to the traditional online tools for jobs. Tools like monster.com, Career Builder and other job websites are getting crowded with jobs and applicants. Because of this, more and more talent seekers are turning to the social web to find the best applicants.

Their is a problem with the way recruiters are using the social web right now though, and that is that they really can’t penetrate past the first node in terms of finding applicants. Another problem is the fact that some of the best candidates are already employed, and they’re passive job seekers. This means that they’re employed but may consider changing employers if the best opportunity was presented to them.

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Connecting that “best” opportunity to the “best” applicant can be tricky.

That’s where Barrel of Jobs comes in. Barrel of Jobs is a tool that helps those looking to place job seekers and talent into a new job, with real power from social networks. Not only that but when Barre of Jobs is utilized to place the best talent with the best position, everyone that helped make that pairing gets a monetary award (money) and a social reward.

Hertz and Zinergline explain exactly how that works, and why Barrel of Jobs is different and an important piece of the job placement space, going forward, in this video interview:

It sounds great right? Hertz and Zingerline have definitely done their homework in developing Barrel of Jobs. So now you’re probably curious how the sharing works? As you’ve heard when you share a job, even if you’re the first person in a six person network that helped the applicant get the job you get paid. You also get the gratification of seeing how you socially influenced this position.

Zingerline takes us through exactly how this works in this video:


Find out more on Barrel Of Jobs here at barrelofjobs.com

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